Sue Kay


Sue Kay is a busy working mom who juggles many of the same responsibilities and challenges you do. As the Vice President of Business Development for InHealth Systems and Services, she is responsible for all new products and services the company offers and manages a staff of 60. As the mother of 17-year-old twins, she spends an equal amount of time at school events and in the car driving groups of teenagers from one activity to the next. She and her husband Richard live in Atlanta, GA with twins Courtney and Taylor and dogs Cooper and Charlie.


Sue Kay has spent 26 years in the workforce - 17 of them as a working mother. During that time, she has worked a part-time schedule, a flexible schedule, a full-time schedule, and has also owned her own business. Business travel has been a frequent part of her career.

In addition to a busy professional life, Sue also has a busy personal life. Along with keeping up with two busy teenagers, Sue also serves on the Board of the High School Band Boosters, teaches 11th grade Sunday School, and plays the flute in the church orchestra.

As a guest author, Sue hopes to share her experience, tips and suggestions for how you can control your day in order to get the maximum accomplished.

In her role at InHealth Systems and Services, Sue also publishes Efficiency in Practice, a twice-monthly newsletter designed to help medical practice managers run more efficient and effective offices.

A Word From Sue Kay

As a working mom, I'm always looking for ways to get more done in less time - both at work and at home. While I've always had a neat streak and a compulsion to clean out a closet when I'm stressed, I've learned from experience that there is more to balancing work and motherhood than simply keeping a clean and organized home.

During my career as a working mom, I've been fortunate to have mentors both in the workplace and in my personal life who were willing to share their experiences. Their advice was invaluable. My goal in contributing to this site is to share with you my experiences, ideas, tips and suggestions in hopes that they will help you not only manage your life as a working mom but to enjoy it as well.

In doing so, I also hope to set a good example for my 11th grade Sunday School students by sharing my time and my skills to hopefully help others.

I welcome your comments and your feedback.

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