Staying Cool During Your Summer Pregnancy

Pregnant woman at poolside holding stomach
Sam Edwards / Getty Images

Being pregnant when the temperature rises can make even the most cheerful person a little grumpy and uncomfortable. These quick and easy solutions can help you get through those hot summer days and nights with a little more comfort and make a summer pregnancy something to celebrate.

Cotton Clothes

Wearing clothing that is made of natural fibers (cotton/linen) versus synthetic fabrics can go a long way to keeping your body cool, allowing you to perspire and release the heat instead of trapping it in as your body does its best to cool itself down. Light colors tend to absorb less of the sun’s hot rays.

Wear a Hat

When you are out and about outside, consider sporting a hat as a cooling addition to your summer wardrobe. Besides keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting your skin, a wide-brimmed hat can help you to feel cooler and prevent the strong summer sun from heating up the top of your head and hair.

Water With a Twist

Staying hydrated while pregnant is always a good idea, but when the temperature rises, it's even more important. Consider putting a slice of lemon and some mint leaves or a few pieces of your favorite summertime fruit into your water bottle to encourage you to take frequent sips. A slice of cucumber infused in your water is also very refreshing. Preparing several water bottles in advance and keeping them chilling in the fridge ready to grab and go will also make it easy to stay hydrated when the mercury climbs.

Take a Dip

Finding the time to take a swim in a local pool, lake or beach can really help to refresh your pregnant body and mind on a warm summer day. In addition to offering a chance to cool your body, the water goes a long way in reducing swelling in your lower legs and feet, offers you an opportunity for some gentle exercise, and gives you the feeling of lightness as the buoyancy helps reduce the sensation of being very pregnant.

Do check with your doctor or midwife if swimming is new to you. If you cannot go swimming, consider a shower or bath with lukewarm water. This lower water temperature can help provide some immediate relief from the heat. If you experience any unusual symptoms during or after swimming, check in with your health care provider.

A Cool Neck Wrap

Wrapping a cool, wet bandana loosely around your neck can help cool your body down by cooling down the carotid arteries, which carry much of the blood up to your head. And as the water in the cloth evaporates, this also helps with heat reduction.

Sleep Easier

Spray a light mist of water on your bottom sheet and pillow using a refillable spray bottle. A drop of calming essential oil, like lavender, in the water, can provide a soothing subtle smell to fall asleep to and the ever so slight mist helps cool your body.

A Word From Verywell

Hot summer days offer little in the way of comfort when you are very pregnant and wondering how you will survive the hot sun, high temperatures, and humidity. Taking a few simple actions can help you to feel better, have more energy, handle the heat and enjoy your summertime pregnancy.