7 Spring Break Activities for the Whole Family

Spring vacation is a time for families to recharge, get ready for the home stretch of the school year, and have some fun with healthy activities. Whether you’re planning to take it easy at home during spring break or take a fun family trip, here are ideas for activities to do with your kids.


Play Outdoor Games

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Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine to play active games. Now that the days are longer and the temperature is finally beginning to warm up, classic outdoor games like Red Light, Green Light and Freeze Tag will give kids needed exercise. It's a nice break from organized sports and you can play along with the kids to burn some extra calories yourself.


Create a Beautiful Garden With Your Children

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Use spring break to plant a garden. Grade-schoolers enjoy digging in the dirt, and they will have a sense of accomplishment and pride from creating something with their hard work. You can use a planter or find growing space in your yard. Give your kid a spade or trowel to prepare the soil.

Depending on the growing season where you live, it may be too early to plant, but you can get started by choosing the seeds, sprouting seedlings, or buying plants ready to be planted.

Discuss how you will use the vegetables and let him pick ones he is most likely to enjoy eating. If your kid hates vegetables, this can be a stealthy way to get him to appreciate them. Gardening is an opportunity for you and your child to spend some time together. It's also good exercise.

Your child will take pride in his green thumb as he watches his garden grow. When it’s harvest time, involve him in preparing a salad or dish with the veggies grown in your own garden.


Have a Fun Family Picnic

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What better way to spend a beautiful warm day outside than to go on a fun family picnic? Check for a park where you can walk or hike before or after your picnic meal. Pack a basket with healthy picnic food that is safe at room temperature or bring the food in a cooler. Tote along with some games and toys. After a memorable day together, your kids will be so exhausted that they’ll probably go to bed without much ado.


Take a Family Trip

Family Road Trip Tips
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You can make memories by taking a family trip for spring vacation. Whether you’re planning to drive or fly, do a little research to find family-friendly destinations, must-have travel games, and healthy travel snacks to keep kids occupied during the trip.


Tour Your Town

Taking a San Francisco Walking Tour
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Too often, you don't take the time to dig deep into the history and sights where you live. Use spring break to take a real staycation and go to the places a visitor would explore. Take walking tours, go to local museums, visit historic sites, and parks. They may have special programs during your local spring break. You will connect with your community in new ways and see it through new eyes.


Explore Spring Crafts

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It's good to have some indoor activities in mind in case the weather is still unsettled. Check whether crafts classes are available, especially those you can enjoy with your child. You can learn new skills and create something together. If you already enjoy a craft such as knitting, quilting, or pottery, plan some time on a new project with your child.


Decorate Easter Eggs and Easter Cookies

Decorating Easter eggs

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Some school districts time spring break to coincide with Easter, while in other cases they don't. Kids can really get creative coming up with designs and using their imaginations to create fun and beautiful Easter eggs

Another way to unleash your child’s inner artist is by using sugar cookies as a palette to make beautiful Easter eggs, bunnies, spring flowers, and more. All you need are some sugar cookies in Easter shapes, pastel icing, and some imagination. The whole family can get involved or you can use it as an activity for a playgroup.

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