Two children playing jump rope

Extracurricular and School Sports

For many kids, sports are not about winning, but simply a fun activity. Learn how to support your kids and help them get the most out of playing the game.
Little League teams congratulating each other after game
Step-by-Step to Good Sportsmanship for Kids
Sports team bonding - kids smiling
Here Are Some Great Team Bonding Activities for Youth Sports
Safer sports practice for football players
Safer Practice Rules for Youth Sports
Boy on soccer team practicing
The Ultimate Sports Camp Packing List
sportsmanship books for kids
Sportsmanship Books Help Kids Learn to Win and Lose with Grace
11 year old boy juggling soccer ball while walking off soccer field
How Late Is Too Late for a Kid to Start Youth Sports?
Kids figure skating - competition
How Do Kids Start out in Figure Skating?
Coach talking with young players on field
How to Have a Tough Talk with Your Kid's Coach
Sports-playing boy using asthma inhaler
Best Sports for Children With Asthma
kid shaking hands after a game
10 Rules of Sportsmanship Every Kid Should Know
kids youth soccer
Everything You Need to Know Before Your Kid Plays Youth Soccer
Father and son at soccer field with ball
Is Your Child Ready to Play a Competitive Sport?
The post-game handshake is a youth sports tradition.
Support Your Child Athletes During a Post-Game Chat
kids football - players on sidelines
Should Your Kid Play Football?
boy tying hockey skates
Survive Youth Sports by Buying Used Equipment
Baseball players running on diamond
How to Determine If Your Child Should Play for a Travel Sports Team
Should You Let Your Child Quit a Sports Team Mid-Season?
Football Collision
Does Your Child Have a Concussion From Playing Sports?
Crasche Middie protective headband
Is the Crasche Middie Protective Headband Better Than a Helmet?
Kids playing quidditch
Your Child May Be Looking for Sports Just a Little out of the Ordinary
Performance anxiety in children - boy on bench in gym
Help Parents Help Their Child Cope With Sports Anxiety
Baseball for kids - post-game greeting
Does Your Kid Want to Play Baseball or Softball?
boy playing soccer
How Parents Can Start Their Preschoolers With Playing Soccer
Frustrated soccer player thinks of quitting
What Parents Can Do If Their Kids Want to Quit Their Sports
Youth powerlifting - teen girl lifting barbell
The Powerful Youth Sport of Powerlifting
Mixed race boy playing soccer
Kids Sports Can Be a Great Way to Keep Your Kid Active and Acclimated
Sport stacking champ Austin Naber in 2015
Yes, It's Really a Thing: Sport Stacking
Colorful umbrellas - spring activities
Ideas for a Spring Family Activity Jar
Female doctor checking teen patient's throat
Why Children Need Physical Exams Before Starting a Team Sport

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