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Special Education

A good special education program addresses a child's individualism. Learn what special education entails and how to stand up for your child's unique needs.
Mother reading to daughter.
Research and Self-Testing May Give Your Child's Reading Skills a Boost
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How the PQ4R Strategy Helps Kids With Learning Disabilities read
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8 Basic Components of a Child's IEP
Mother and daughter (4-6) with mature female teacher in classroom
Understanding an IEP for Your Child
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Who is Responsible for Private School Tuition for Students with Disabilities?
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How to Improve a Child's Language Processing Skills
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Scholarships Available to Students With Learning Disabilities
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How Can You Teach Math to Children With Disabilities?
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Models of Collaborative Teaching for Special Education Students
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Effective Flashcard Teaching Strategies
A parent-teacher discussion.
IDEA Annual Reviews and Learning Disabilities
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The Pros and Cons of Traditional vs. Differentiated Teaching in School
A teacher reads to her students.
Criterion-Referenced Tests Measure Student Skills and Concepts
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How Planners Help Students Learn Organizational Skills
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How Teachers Can Help Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for Students
HEARING-IMPAIRED CHILD Reportage on Elsa, 10, who has been deaf from birth and wears bilateral cochlear implants. Her deafness was detected when she was 10 months old and she had implants for the first time when she was 17 months and then again at 3. She said her first word when she was 22 months old. She went to a school for the deaf, then she started at regular school when she was 5. Elsa in her Year 5 class.
Classroom Communication Techniques and Settings for Deaf Children
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8 Tips to Prevent Reading Fatigue and Eye Strain in Special Needs Kids
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Moving up Grades or Adult Services Special Education
Tutoring Help
Special Education Teachers Reveal the Secrets They Keep From Parents
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Why Parents Should Send Encouraging Notes to School With Their Child
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Is an Inclusive Class the Best Option for Your Special Needs Child?
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Why Parents Have Such an Important Role in Special Education
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How Applied Behavior Analysis Changes the Way Special Needs Youth Act
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School Districts Don't Always Have to Pay for Tutoring With Section 504
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Common Skill Deficits of Kids With Learning Disabilities in Math
A student in a wheelchair does schoolwork.
How Does Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act Define Disability?
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Does In-School Suspension Impact Special-Needs Students?
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How a Developmental History Can Help Diagnose Learning Disabilities
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How Well Are Catholic Schools Serving Special Needs Students?
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Comparing Federal Law Disability Regulations for Students
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The Significance of Average Scores in Special Education Testing
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What an IFSP Means for Your Special-Needs Child
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Could Your Child Benefit From a 504 Plan?
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Wonder What a 504 Plan Looks Like? Resources to Help You Plan
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How to Improve Classroom Behavior and Avoid Negative Consequences
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How Educational Paraprofessionals Assist Teachers and Students
IEP Meeting
Parent's Guide to the Special-Education Players
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How a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Can Help Your Child
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Choosing the Best Type of Special Education Placement for Your Child
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Why Multi-Sensory Math Teaching Tools Can Help Special Needs Students
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How Do I Curate Homeschool Math Curriculum for Learning-Disabled Kids?
Girl opening a locker
How to Help Your Child Open Locks or a Locker
Primary school: understanding maths
Why Present Level of Performance (PLOP) of the IEP Matters in Education
Test-Taking Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
Students With Disabilities Can Still Pass Tests With Better Studying
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Reasons Why Parents File IDEA Complaints and Lawsuits
Teacher helping child with work in class
What Parents Need to Know About Free Tutoring
parent teacher conference
5 Ways to Solve School Behavior Problems Before They Start
Teacher Listening to her Student in the Classroom
Special Education Referrals for Children Who Have Learning Disabilities
Mother and daughter with teacher in classroom
How Parents Can Prepare for IEP Team Meetings
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Other Health Impairment Disability Category for Special Ed Students
Four girls playing with sand in classroom
Multisensory Teaching Ideas and Materials for LD Students
Schoolchildren (6-11) doing arithmetic in class
Are Testing Accommodations Helpful or Harmful for Students?
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Improve Your Essay Writing Skills With These Tips
IEP Alert
The Process of Getting an Individualized Educational Plan for Your Child
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The Best Strategies for Teaching a Child With Learning Disabilities
Happy father and son reading book together in bed
How Parents Can Improve a Child's Reading Skills
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The Importance of SDI Programs for Children With Learning Disabilities
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How Parents Can Report a Problem With 504 School Accommodations
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Students Who Are Emotionally Disturbed Are the Highest Risk of Failing
Teacher with her student
Teachers Use Different Testing Procedures to Measure Progress