Spanish Baby Names for Twins

Names for girl twins, boy twins, and boy/girl twins

Choosing names for twins can be a challenge. It's difficult enough to choose a single baby name, but with twins, parents have to give careful consideration to choosing a combination of names. This list provides suggestions for parents seeking names of Spanish origin for their twins. There are suggestions for combinations suitable for girl twins, boy twins, or boy/girl twins.

Remember to think about nicknames and combinations with initials that could potentially cause your twins to be teased when they're older. Kids can be cruel, especially with names, so try to minimize the potential for bullying, since it erodes your children's self-esteem.

Esperanza and Esmerelda

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This elegant set of names for twin girls has a lovely symmetry. With matching initials and a balance of vowels and consonants, they also share the same number of syllables. The name Esperanza means "hope," while Esmerelda refers to emeralds. Nickname possibilities include Esme and Espe.

Adelina and Alejandro

This combination for boy/girl twins is similar without being cutesy. Adelina is a strong yet feminine name that means "noble," while Alejandro means "defender of the people." 

Vincenzo and Hernandez

Perhaps you don't want names that start with the same initial. In this combination, each name includes the unusual addition of the letter "z." Vincenzo means "victorious" while Hernandez, traditionally a family name, derives from Spanish words meaning "brave" and "journey."

Mateo and Matias

These two names traditionally top the lists of popular Hispanic names for boys, yet they work great in combination for a set of twins. Both are forms of Matthew and mean "gift from God."

Corazon and Amor

Looking for unusual names? Try these two choices, lovely for girl twins, but they'd work equally well for boys. Corazon means "heart" while Amor means "love," a perfect combination for an endearing theme.

Javier and Joaquin

Both of these masculine names are among the top 100 most popular Spanish names for boys. Perhaps they enjoy popularity due to association with celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix and Javier Bardem. Javier means "new house" while Joaquin means "raised by Yahweh."

Savanna and Santiago

A nicely balanced pair of names for a boy and a girl, with matching first initials to tie them together for twins. Savanna is similar to the English name Savannah, and also means "open plain." Santiago refers to Saint James.

Marisol and Magdalena

Maria is a common Spanish name, but if you want something a little bit more unusual, consider Marisol, a combination of Maria and sol (sun). Magdalena has a biblical association with Mary Magdalene.

Dulcea and Melosa

This is another set of names whose similarity is based on meaning, rather than matching style. Both names mean "sweet," a lovely sentiment for twin girls. 

Orlando and Alondra

While not exactly anagrams, these two names have remarkable similarity. Yet, with differing first initials, they retain their distinctiveness and feel appropriately masculine and feminine, perfect for a set of boy/girl twins. 

Cruz and Paz

These are strong, bright names that could work for both boys and girls. If you like unusual names or names with a celebrity connection, consider the combination of Cruz and Paz for your twins. Cruz is the name of Victoria and David Beckham's son. Paz Vega is a popular Spanish actress. Paz means "peace" while Cruz means "the cross of Christ."

Leonardo and Marcelo

With their romantic sound and the potential for strong nicknames, these names seem to fit a pair of leading men. They're not too similar, but they work well in combination. Leonardo means "lion brave" while Marcelo (also spelled Marcello) means "young warrior." To make this combination work for a girl and a boy, consider Marcela or Marcella.

Esteban and Thiago

Thiago has enjoyed a surge in popularity lately, rising to #13 on the 2016 list of most popular Hispanic baby names for boys. With its origin related to St. James, it means "supplanter" and would also work in combination with Santiago (see above). Esteban was also a hot name in 2016, skyrocketing in popularity in reference to Juanes, a Colombian singer whose name is a combination of Juan and Esteban. The meaning of Esteban is "crown."

Soledad and Selena

A final combination of girl names with matching first initials and similar patterns of vowels and consonants. Soledad means "solitude" while Selena means "moon." Other Spanish names for girls that start with the letter "S" include Sofia (wisdom), Sara (princess), Serena (serene), and Stella (star).

Tomas and Gemela

For a twist, how about a set of names that actually mean "twins"? Tomas (with the accent on the second syllable) is a form of Thomas, with a Greek origin meaning "twin." Gemela is the Spanish word for a female twin. Too obvious? How about Gemini, Gemma, Gemala, or Gemella?

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