Snow Toys for Kids of All Ages

Snowy white winters are not just beautiful to look at. Kids and adults of all ages usually love playing outside in the fresh snowfall.  Making snowmen and igloos can be fun, but sleds are definitely not the only snow toys for kids. There are snowball throwers, inflatable snow forts, snow scooters and even snow stompers, where kids can wear fun shoes that leave cool tracks in the snow.

Inflatable Snow Fort

Inflatable Snow Fort

Who does not love a snowball fight! While kids can enjoy launching snowballs from their playhouses, there are inflatable outdoor snow forts! These forts can also be used indoors, where kids often roll up their socks to launch as pretend snowballs.  

Snowball Maker

Snowball Maker
Poof Slinky / Amazon

Outdoor snow play is not complete without a snowball maker. Use one hand on each handle, open the scoop, and close it quickly to make the perfectly round snowball for great snowball fights.

Inflatable Snow Tubes for Sledding

Sportsstuff Snow Tube

There are a variety of inflatable snow tubes for sledding. Many of these toys are meant for single riders, while some may accommodate 2 riders. While inflatable toys are at risk for popping over time, they are a fan favorite amongst children who love speed.

Snow Sleds

2 boys outside on sled in snow
fotostorm / Getty Images

Snow sleds come in a many different sizes and shapes. Some are plastic, while others are foam based sleds with plastic bottoms. Now, many sleds are lightweight and easy for young children to pull up the hill on their own.

Snow-Art Decoration Kits

Sno-art kits

Kids love painting and other art related activities. Why should snow time be any different? Sno-art kits allow children to paint and draw on the snow with various colors to draw pictures, write words or play games.

Snow Stompers

Snow Stompers
Ideal / Amazon

For under $10, kids can put on these snow stompers and leave unique bear or dinosaur footprints in the snow or sand.  

Snowball Blaster Toys

Wham-O Snowball Blaster

Want to launch the perfect snowball? Snowball blaster toys help children make a nice, round snowball, then launch it towards targets up to 80 feet away.

Railz Snow Scooter

Railz Snow Scooter
Railz / Amazon

Many kids love outdoor toys, bikes,​ and scooters. The Railz scooter transforms from a traditional outdoor scooter into a snow scooter! This particular scooter is recommended for riders over the age of 5, under 100 lbs. It also has an adjustable handlebar to grow with the child, too.

Racer Sleds

Lucky Bums Racer Sled

Racer sleds are recommended for kids ages 6 and under, and are different than traditional sleds as children, providing kids with an opportunity to utilize some control while turning by using a steering wheel.  

Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Olaf Snow Cone Maker
Jakks Pacific / Amazon

Maybe you live in an area where you dream of seeing snow, and it doesn't actually snow enough to get outside and play in it? Do not let your location ruin it for your family, make your own snow with the Olaf snow cone maker. Add flavor powders and sugar free syrups to make your snow into a delicious, tasty treat, anytime of year, anywhere.

Wooden Sleds

Flexible Sled
Flexible Flyer Sled

These critically acclaimed sleds are handcrafted and include a pivotable front section, leading to sharper and more controlled turns, as well as the ability to stop quickly. While the bottom of the sled is made of molded plastic, the body and handle are kiln-dried birch, the handrails are willow, and the finish is marine-grade. These sleds are expensive, but they make the perfect family gift for those who live in cold weather areas that spend a lot of time in outdoor activities.

Snow Hog

Wham_O Snow Hog Snow Toy
Wham-O / Amazon

The snow hog is a bike meant for the snow! Kids ages 7 and up will have tons of fun steering this cool motorcycle looking snow toy down the slopes.

Wooden Baby Sleigh

Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh
Flexible Flyer / Amazon

Now you can take your toddlers for a spin with the Flexible Flyer wooden baby sled. Baby sleighs feature steam bent skis, a backrest and include a tow rope and steel runners for added support. With a wide base of support and stability, sleighs are a great snow toy for toddlers as the first introduction for young children to outside snow play.  Edited by Keriann Wilmot, Toys Expert at

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