Should You Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media?

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One tiny word with a life-changing impact: Positive. You've stared at the test long enough, and it's finally sinking in: you're pregnant! The barrage of thoughts about what to do next is overwhelming, but there's one order of business that sticks out: How and when do you tell everyone?

Announcing your pregnancy can be one of the most fun parts of growing a tiny human. After all, it's exciting! You're bursting at the seams to tell everyone the moment you see that positive result, and who could blame you? It's an amazing experience, and it's even more amazing with the support of friends and family.

In today's digital era, social media is used for almost every personal revelation, so using it for a pregnancy announcement seems like a no-brainer. While it's perfectly fine to share the news that way, there are a few main questions to consider: When is the best time to make the announcement, what are the pros and cons, and how do you do it?

When Is the Best Time To Announce Your Pregnancy?

Choosing when to share the big news is a deeply personal decision. At the end of the day, it's all about what makes you comfortable, and that varies from person to person. While there's no wrong or right time to announce your pregnancy, it's helpful to consider a few key factors before deciding.

Announcing in the First Trimester 

It is estimated that 10% to 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriages, often before 13 weeks gestation. During the second trimester (and before 20 weeks), the miscarriage rate drops to one to five percent of pregnancies, and many people choose to delay the news until this point. That said, there are still many parents who can't wait to spread the news. (And that's okay!) Here are some reasons you might choose to announce early:

  • No need to hide or explain away early pregnancy symptoms like nausea and fatigue
  • Help from friends and family early on
  • You can share the excitement right away
  • Support from others if there is a miscarriage

For many, experiencing a loss isn't just heartbreaking, but it can also feel isolating. For so long, the topic of miscarriage has been considered almost "taboo," making it difficult to talk about. Thankfully, the stigma surrounding it continues to break down, and many are speaking out about their experiences. This, along with the support of loved ones, encourages more parents to reveal their pregnancies during the earlier stages.

Announcing in the Second Trimester and Beyond 

While the chances of miscarriage are not zero beyond 12 weeks, many parents prefer to announce when the risk isn't as high. Here are a few other reasons you might choose to delay your announcement:

  • More time to let the news sink in
  • You may feel more comfortable after seeing an ultrasound or reaching a pregnancy milestone
  • No unsolicited advice or input from others

Whenever you decide to go public with your pregnancy is just that—your decision. You know what's best for your situation and what you're most comfortable with, so embrace your choice with confidence.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Pregnancy Online

As with anything else you post online, it's important to consider all of the potential outcomes of sharing your pregnancy on social media.


Most of the time, a pregnancy announcement is met with excitement, well-wishes, and a flurry of happy emojis. (And hearts!) There are so many different ways to share the news, whether you make it creative, funny, or simple. Social media has become a communication staple for many, making it a quick, effective way to reach a large number of friends and family members.

The comment section is a great place to ask any questions about your pregnancy and get helpful feedback from those who know you best. You can also look back on your announcement years down the road, thanks to the "memories" feature on most platforms.


Unfortunately, there are times when a pregnancy announcement elicits negative reactions or unnecessary comments. ("You better get your sleep now!" isn't exactly helpful.) In other cases, certain friends or family members might be offended if they found out on social media rather than in person. (Which, of course, is not on you.)

While you can't control how people react or what they'll say, you can be prepared for it. You may not expect any bad responses, but knowing it's a possibility can help you determine whether or not to share your announcement.

Social Media Announcement Pros
  • Many creative ways to share your pregnancy

  • The flood of excitement you'll receive

  • Fun to look back on the announcement years later

  • Get helpful advice/ feedback about pregnancy

Social Media Announcement Cons
  • Some reactions might be negative

  • Advice may be unsolicited or unnecessary

  • Certain friends or family members members might feel slighted if they were not told in person or via phone

Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You're ready and excited to post your pregnancy online. The question is: how to do it? The great thing about social media is you can have fun with it! Get as creative or funny as you want, or keep it simple. There are endless options for making your big announcement, whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform you choose. Here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm:

Ultrasound Photos

Sharing ultrasound photos is one of the most popular ways to reveal your pregnancy. Who doesn't love seeing a photo of your tiny bun in the oven? Whether you include your partner or a snap of the ultrasound by itself, there's no guessing game for your followers. It's a simple yet effective way to share the big news.

Letter Boards

Letter boards are the perfect way to add a little personality to your announcment. You can add a humorous caption, the name and due date of your future little one, or any other creative quote that goes along with your photo.

Sibling Photos

Pregnant with baby two or three? (Four, maybe?) It's always fun to include the big brother or sister in your announcement.

Pet Photos

Pets are family, after all! A fur brother or sister makes a pregnancy announcment that much cuter.

Theme Photos

Choosing a theme for your pregnancy announcement is a creative way to include your favorite TV show, movie, band, interests, or hobbies. Whether you go all out or keep it simple, it's fun, different, and guaranteed to bring extra smiles.

A Word From Verywell

Sharing your pregnancy on social media is exciting, fun, and nerve-racking all at the same time. After all, it's a huge announcement! Whether you decide to spill the beans three minutes or three months after finding out, have confidence that your decision is the right one. Remember, any negative reactions are not your fault. You know what's best for you and your family, and whatever makes you comfortable is the best route to take.

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