Sharon Greenthal


Sharon Greenthal is a writer and editor focusing on parenting, midlife, empty nesting and marriage. A stay-at-home mom for 20 years, Sharon has channeled her passion for parenting into her writing, giving her a new direction at midlife. Sharon lives in her empty nest in Long Beach, California with her husband and their dogs, Lambeau and Higgins.

Sharon has been a guest on The Katie Couric Show, was named one of 20 inspirational women every woman over 60 should know about, and has been quoted in The New York Times and, among other places.


Writing and Digital Content

Sharon launched her blog, Empty House Full Mind, in 2011. From there she began contributing to other sites and publications, including The Huffington Post, Purple Clover, Scary Mommy, and others. Sharon was featured in the anthology 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50. 

Social Media 

Sharon is a founder of the website Midlife Boulevard, where she was editor-in-chief for two years.

Community Management

Sharon is a founder of the BAM Bloggers at Midlife conference, the only conference focusing on midlife women who blog. 



Sharon graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. 

A Word From Sharon Greenthal

"You've raised your kids - but your job is far from over. Let me help you navigate the challenges of parenting your young adults. Whatever their situation - living on their own or living with you; working full time or still in school; single and loving it or married and parents of their own little ones;  your young adult children will still need you sometimes. Understanding what their lives are like and how to talk to them as the adults they are can help to make your relationships closer and more comfortable." 

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