Sex Positions for Pregnancy


Why Pregnant Sex Positions Matter

Husband touching his pregnant wife's belly.
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Pregnancy and sex go together very nicely. Many couples report that pregnant sex is the best sex they've ever had in their lives. This doesn't mean that pregnant sex isn't without issues. Though the use of the right pregnant sex position can help alleviate complications you may have in your sex life during pregnancy.

Here are some common complaints from women about sex in pregnancy:

  • Can't lay on their back
  • Doesn't want the partner on top
  • Partner goes too deeply
  • Orgasm issues

The good news is the pregnant sex positions can help alleviate many of the difficulties you're experiencing, depending on which position you choose. Remember, difficulties with pregnant sex can come from pregnancy symptoms to physical challenges related to the size of your growing belly.


Man on Top (Missionary)

Missionary Position in Pregnancy
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Early in pregnancy, there is little variation needed in the sex positions that you use. If you prefer a man on top, or missionary, position, it should still work very well for you. The missionary position is safe in pregnancy. If you have any trouble laying on your back or withstanding pressure on top of your abdomen, this position might not work well for you at all. You might also consider pillows behind you for support.

Your partner can try to extend his arms to hold more of his weight further away from your body. This will work for awhile. Many couples love this position because of the face to face interaction that it brings. As your belly grows, you can convert this to capture some of what you love about this position, if you both just roll on your side. That makes it like a spoon position, without the rear entry.

If eventually your belly simply because too large to make this position comfortable, the pillows do work well at least for a bit of time. That said, the missionary position may be one that is limited in later stages of pregnancy unless your partner is really strong or you're really small.

If you're worried about trying other positions, don't think about them all at once. Try one position, once or twice. See if that works for you. It's okay to be a bit adventurous.

One of the great things about this position in the latter part of pregnancy is the fact that it's harder to get much depth of penetration. So if you're feeling sore or worried about bumping the baby, your belly will prevent that from happening for most women.


Woman on Top

Woman on Top Positions in Pregnancy
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The woman on top position is great for when your belly gets bigger. This allows you to also control the depth of penetration and speed. It also allows for manual clitoral stimulation to aid in female orgasm. This is one of the favorite third trimester positions.


Rear Entry (Doggie Style)

Rear Entry Sex Position in Bed
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This position can be used in any trimester but is particularly good for the end of pregnancy because your belly won't get in the way. You can do this with you on hands and knees, kneeling, laying side by side (spooning) or a standing position. This simply means that the man enters from behind.

This allows for a more shallow penetration which may be more comfortable for you. This may also ease fears from your partner. If you have trouble achieving orgasm in this position, you can also use manual clitoral stimulation.



Stand is a sex position for pregnancy
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If the word standing came as a shock to you in terms of pregnant sex positions, think of standing in the shower while having sex. This is more of an adjustment to any position you use. You can do front or rear entry while standing. This takes pressure off of your back and can also avoid your belly.

You can also use this while leaning. You can use the wall, a bed, table or whatever is nearby. This may also provide a more shallow penetration and can slow the speed down. This pregnant sex position is good for all three trimesters.



Seated Sex Position in Pregnancy
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Using a chair as part of your pregnant sex positions can be more comfortable. Have your man sit down on a sturdy chair, with no arms. You can then straddle him, and depending on the height of the chair, place your feet on the ground.

This pregnant sex position is great for controlling speed and the depth of penetration. You can use this during any trimester of pregnancy. You can also use a table or other sturdy surface to rest on.

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