Fun School Snow Day Activities

Let it snow! Need something to do on a school snow day? Start a family tradition

Winter Break Kids in Snow

School snow day contingency plans are not easy for parents, but kids love snow days! School cancellations can are an opportunity to build lasting memories with your kids. And often making kids happy doesn't necessarily mean much more work for parents.

Snow day activities are an important part of any parent's snow day strategy. Work-at-home parents probably need to remind kids of their home office ground rules, but that doesn't mean snow days can't be fun.

Create Snow Day Traditions

Make snow days special by creating traditions by repeating a simple activity on every snow day. Even if you put in a full day's work, the fact that homework is already done means you might be able to squeeze in some extra fun in the evening.

Some simple snow day traditions ideas:

  • Cook a special meal.
  • Eat in the dining room and/or with fancy dishes.
  • Order in dinner.
  • Make hot chocolate.
  • Build a pillow fort
  • Play in the snow.
  • Watch a favorite movie.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Shovel together.
  • Play a family game.
  • Light the fireplace.
  • Check on/visit with neighbors.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Cut snowflakes from paper. 
  • Bring a snowball into the freezer.

Honestly, it really doesn't take much for kids to feel a snow day is special.

Indulge in Snow Day Superstitions

A spoon under the bed, inside out PJs, an ice cube in the toilet are all snow day superstitions that kids love to do to "make" a snow day happen. Who knows where they come from? Let them have fun with it! Just be sure they don't fill the toilet with ice and carry off all your spoons!

Play Inside

To fill up those extra 6-8 hours in the day, kids can also do activities to keep them busy on a snow day, like playing outdoor games inside and other ways to keep them occupied during the day.

Go Outside to  Play in the Snow

And at some point, they'll want to go outside (and maybe you will too). Bundle the kids up for a good romp in the snow and get out there! In order to get some work done, you may want to do just one extended play session, rather than bundling and unbundling them.  Maybe you want to trek to the best sledding hill or perhaps build a snowman closer to home. 

Put Kids to Work

And if you're working, why not make them work a little too? If possible, let the kids help with your business. Helping you at work makes kids feel important.

But also consider giving them some special jobs that aren't too difficult. (Remember, this is supposed to be fun, right?) Maybe have them sort through their closet for the things they've outgrown or clean out the toy box. If you're shoveling snow, have them come out and "help" by clearing a small section and building a snowman or a fort. Even if their help is really more playing, it keeps them busy while you work.

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