Parent waving goodbye to his child on a school bus

School Readiness

A prepared child is a confident child, and thus much more likely to succeed in school. Explore what it takes to get your child ready for daily education.
Girl with backpack walks to school with her mom.
5 Ways to Get Free Backpacks and Donated School Supplies
young teen on a laptop
How Online High Schools Are Becoming Safe Havens From Bullying
Classroom of students skypes across the globe.
Dual Language Immersion Schools Benefits and Alternatives
Mom and son reach out to each other on school steps.
Steps to Take When Searching for the Right School for Your Child
Students taking an exam.
Norm-Referenced Tests and Learning Disabilities
Parent and child studying
How WISC Subtests Assess Your Child's Intelligence
Schoolgirl (8-9) reading book
How to Help Children Who Have Problems With Executive Functioning
Students taking test in classroom
Physical, Social and Cognitive Skills for the Fifth Grade Class
little girl drawing on chalk board easel
Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
girl reading in library
How to Determine What's Developmentally Appropriate for Your Kid
What to Expect at Your Child's Kindergarten Screening
Teacher with preschool students in classroom.
Expect to See Reading, Writing, and Math in Kindergarten
Montessori classroom
Should You Send Your Kid to a Montessori School?
Teenager asleep and wrapped in a blanket.
Should High Schools Start Later so Teens Can Get More Sleep?
third graders in class with teacher
Important Social Skills Third Graders Need to Succeed in School
Students taking test in classroom Credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Martin Barraud
How Aptitude Tests Measure the Skills of Students
Father hugging daughter while on cell phone
5 Tips for Helping Your Child With School Phobia
teacher explaining lesson to students
Middle School Is a Time of Change and Adventure for Your Tween
preschoolers painting
Why Your Children Should Attend Pre-School
Children in a wheelchair shopping for back-to-school gear with her mom
Back-to-School Shopping List: Clothes, Supplies, and More
Mixed race mother watching daughter color
4 Learning Activities to Prepare for Kindergarten
Illustration of two backpacks hanging
12 Tips to Find the Best Backpack in Quality, Proper Fit, and Style
Asian mother comforting crying son
Why Your Child May Dread Going to School
composite illustration and photo of mom comforting son who is wearing a backpack
How to Ease Your Child's First Day of Kindergarten Jitters
A student taking an exam
What Is a Test Percentile Score on Your Child's Report?
Boy (8-9) helping friend (6-7) to tie shoestrings
Subjects and Skills to Expect in Third Grade
Mother and daughter (6) sitting on sofa, reading
4 Ideas to Boost Kindergarten Readiness
first grade class students raising hands smiling
What You Can Expect Your First-Grade Student to Learn
Students taking a test in classroom
Why Intelligence Testing Is Important for Learning Disabled Students
second grade girl reading a book on a table
Skills You Can Typically Expect Your Second Grader to Develop
boys dig fossil
How Understanding Multiple Intelligences Can Help Kids' Learning
Children drawing pictures with teacher
Subjects and Skills Your Child Should Know Before Starting Fifth-Grade
Girl washing hands in the morning
Basic Skills Your Child Needs to Know Before Starting School
Little girl getting ready for school
How to Have a Great First Day of Preschool for You and Your Child
Laughing boy with drawings in classroom
Will Holding Kids Back A Year Help Them Excel?
Schoolgirls (4-7) using laptop, smiling
Fourth Grade: What You & Your Child Can Expect
Talk to your teen about failing grades.
How to Help a Teen Who Is Failing High School Classes
Mom reads a book to her child.
The Best Starting-Preschool Books for a Great First Day
There are lots of alternative high school options available for teens.
Why At-Risk Teens May Benefit From Different Learning Environments
fourth grade friends - boys with laptop
Social and Emotional Milestones for Fourth Graders
Talk to your teen about the importance of getting his diploma.
How Parents Can Help Their Teens Graduate When They Have Poor Grades
1st grade social development
Social Developmental Milestones for First Graders
Two Little Girls Looking at a Tablet in Class
What Social Skills Are Important for Second Grade?
Close-up of hand filling out test
Why Age Equivalent Test Scores May Not Be the Most Precise
Students in Chemistry Class Doing an Experiment
Ability Grouping May Help Children With Special Needs
Boys in a classroom using smartphones
Why Technology May Be Causing Grades to Fall in School
What Your Child Should Learn Before Kindergarten - Illustration by Theresa Chiechi
Skills Your Kid Needs to Know Before Kindergarten
history tutors
The 6 Best Online History Tutoring Services of 2022
dyslexia tutoring
The 6 Best Online Dyslexia Tutoring Services of 2022
Teenage girl with headphones having online school class at home
The 7 Best Online Chinese Tutoring Services in 2022
Confident dad helps daughter with homework
The 6 Best Online Calculus Tutoring Services of 2022
Tutor uses humor to teach student math
The 6 Best Online Statistics Tutoring Services of 2022
Girl draws molecule while teen helps
The 6 Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services of 2022
Tutor working with middle school student
The 6 Best Online Algebra Tutoring Services of 2022
High School Tutor Giving Female Student Wearing Uniform One To One Tuition At Desk
The 7 Best Online Physics Tutoring Services of 2022
Online Math Tutoring
The 8 Best Online Math Tutoring Services of 2022
Preschooler using educational app
The 8 Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2022