Parent waving goodbye to his child on a school bus

Learning in School

Your child will learn about a variety of subjects in school. Read about what to expect through the years so that you can better support their education.
Smiling student receiving test results
What to Tell Your Teen About the Benefits of Getting Good Grades
Young family reading storybook together on sofa
How Parents Can Improve Reading Fluency in Their Children
Young children play on digital tablets in school.
How Abstract Reasoning Helps With Problem Solving in School
First grade classroom with children raising hands
What to Expect From a Typical First Grade Math Curriculum
Teenage girl receiving graded homework in class, smiling
What Classes Should You Take In High School?
Two girls and one boy using tablet in classroom
Musical Learning Styles and the Ability to Understand Sound and Rhythm
Toddler girl reading story book
How Decoding Skills Help Students
Teen looking cover classmate's shoulder at paper
10 Things You Should Tell Your Teen About Why Cheating Is Wrong
Kindergarten children learning about plants
How to Prepare Your Child for Science in Kindergarten
mother and boy reading book
How Brain Maturity and Reading Readiness Are Linked in Children
girl using abacus
Why Preschool Math Is Important
A teacher helping a student in a classroom.
How the KWL Reading Strategy Helps Students With Learning Disabilities
Students with teacher drawing road sign in art class
Teach Your Special Needs Child New Skills Using the Chaining Technique
Parents reading a picture book with their daughter.
How to Help Your Child Learn Long Vowels With Phonics
Mother reading to daughter.
Research and Self-Testing May Give Your Child's Reading Skills a Boost
Happy father and son reading book together in bed
How Parents Can Improve a Child's Reading Skills
children playing tug of war
Causes of Common Core Controversy
Close-Up Of Text Written On Paper
Why Should Elementary School Kids Engage in Expository Writing?
Classroom Students
Concrete Reasoning and Understanding Real Life Problems
young girl taking a test
Test Scores Are Used for Many Types of Assessments
Girl reaching for juice on shelf in market
Grocery Store Math When Kids Can Shop and Learn
Parents read to their young child.
How to Teach a Child Early Sight Word Skills at Home
Boys drawing together at table
Why Your Child's Written Work May Look Peculiar
Students reading in a school library.
How the PQ4R Strategy Helps Kids With Learning Disabilities read
Child reading
Why the Whole Language Approach May Be Helpful for Your Child
Boy reading
The Positives and Negatives of Grade Retention in Schools
mother teaching her son his spelling words
6 Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn Their Spelling Words
children raising hand in classroom
What Your Child Will Learn in 3rd Grade
Woman and boy
Songs and Activities to Help Your Child Learn Days of the Week
Librarian reads children a book during story time
What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten
Number Blocks
Kindergarten Math Curriculum and Goals
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5 Reasons Your Teen Should Attend Summer School
Young girl writing a biography
Helping Your Child Learn to Write Biographies
girl smiling with books, loves reading
The 7 Best Books for First Graders of 2022
wind turbine, class house in background
Does It Matter If Your Kids Take STEM or STEAM Classes?
woman and child reading
Stages of Phonological and Phonemic Awareness in Kids
Girl drawing on chalk board
Reading and Writing Skills in Kindergarten
Girl using abacus
Take a Look at Math Terms to Help Your Child in Their Class
kids in school story time
Fortunately / Unfortunately Is a Fun Storytelling Game for Better Writing
Man reading with his son
Help Your Preschooler Learn to Read
Little girl reading with her mom
How Children Learn to Read in Stages
father helping son
How Parents Can Help a Teen Who Has Difficulty Reading
Three girls playing violin outside
Can Music Really Boost Kids' Brainpower?
girl working hard at school work
How to Teach Your Child to Have a Growth Mindset
girl doing math homework
Understanding Fact Families in First Grade Math
Student looking bored at school
Why Your Child May Be Bored at School
Child Learning to Draw Like a Pro
Verbal Linguistic Learners Love to Study Language
second grade girl in classroom smiling
What Is Taught to Kids in Second Grade?
Little boy learning the clock
What Do Kids Actually Learn in 4th Grade?
Children (8-9) raising hands in classroom
What Your 5th Grader Is Likely to Learn This Year
Students sitting in classroom
How Children With Interpersonal Learning Style Learn Best
Children dancing together at a preschool
How Children Learn Through the Bodily Kinesthetic Style
Father reading with his children
How the Basal Reading Instruction Program Works
Young girl and mother reading on sofa
Recognizing Rhyming Is an Important Phonological Awareness Skill
Teen boy solders wires to build robot
What Makes Logical-Mathematical Learners Unique
Child looking at picture book with mom
How Children With a Visual-Spatial Intelligence Learn
A man holding a small child in the kitchen as he cooks
How to Teach Kids About Cause and Effect in Their Lives
Boy sitting on mother's lap and using digital tablet
The Importance of Teaching Sight Words to Preschoolers
Elementary Student at work
What Your Child Will Learn in Elementary School
Mother teaching children with flash cards
Teach Sight Words at Home so Children Can Learn to Read at Home