Parent waving goodbye to his child on a school bus

Getting Involved

Your involvement in your child's school is a critical factor for success. Discover how you can give a little time and support and the impact it can make.
Impact of COVID 19 on college admissions
How College Admission and Testing Has Changed for the Class of 2021
at home student test
How to Measure Your Child's Learning When Homeschooling
Boy and girl work in science lab at school
How Universal Design Learning Makes It Possible for Teaching Everyone
Confident girl enters a school building.
Should Your Child Skip a Grade?
illustration of child clinging to Mom
What to Do When Your Kid's Anxiety Causes School Problems
Boy complaining about something
How to Handle the Top 7 Complaints About School
Back of a young teen girl wearing a backpack and walking in school parking lot
What to Do When Your Child Is Expelled From School
Child's hand writing in notebook
How to Help Your Child Learn Writing Skills
How an Individualized Education Plan Can Help Your Child in School
photo composite of two adults shaking hands and front of school
7 Reasons to Go to Your Child's Back-to-School Night
Teacher and kids in classroom
8 Things Parents Should Know Before Making a Teacher Request
mother with daughter and teacher
How Students Benefit When Parents and Teachers Work Together
Math anxiety in kids
Helping a Child Who Has Math Anxiety
How Parents Can Be Involved With Their Child's Education
Your support can help your child boost her GPA.
Your Child's Middle School GPA Sets the Foundation for Success
woman and young girl painting in classroom
What You May Be Asked to Do as a Classroom Parent
Boy (9-11) with father and female teacher, sitting at desk in classroom
How to Get the Most From Open House and Parent Teacher Conferences
Girl working in chem lab at school
How to Help Your Child With Depression Succeed in School
Why Should Your School Follow the Buckley Amendment?
Grandparents reading with kids can boost confidence.
The Many Reasons Why Parents Should Be Reading Volunteers
child holding up a spelling test with a grade of 100.
How to Reward Your Children for Their Good Grades in School
Teacher and elementary students around textbook in classroom
Grade Retention Can Work When It Is Done Right
Mother playing with child on the floor
How to Help Your Child Improve Their Behavior at School
Weighing All Options in the Important Choice of Choosing a Preschool
Spot illustrations of potential symptoms of anxiety in children
Tips to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety and Stress
girl working in elementary school class
How Parents Can Prepare Children for a Successful Fourth-Grade Year
Tips for Parents to Help Children Succeed in First Grade
Fifth grade girl at chalk board.
Why Parents Should Take Steps to Make Fifth Grade Successful for Kids
A school syllabus will give you important information about the class.
What Parents Can Learn From a Middle School Syllabus
dad and son
5 Ways to Get Dad Involved in Early Childcare Programs
woman and girl reading at library
Parents Can Bond With Kids by Serving as a School or Daycare Volunteer
Girls in classroom
School Interims Give You a Glimpse of Your Child's Progress
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Parents Can Be Prepared for Parent-Teacher Conferences as Kids Get Older
Parents talking with a teacher in a classroom
Must-Ask Questions at Parent-Teacher Conferences
Support your teen's efforts to get his homework done on time.
How to Help When Your Teen Falls Behind in School
Prescription drug abuse, addiction in school setting.
4 Things to Do If Your Kid Is Caught With Drugs at School
School makes her bored
What to Do When Your Child Gets a Bad Teacher
7 Easy Ways To Raise Money For Your Child's School
Mother smiles at daughter who is doing homework.
3 Ways You Can Teach Your Child to Have a Good Attitude in School
collection of crayons
How to Teach Math While Celebrating 100 Days of School
Man preparing his son for school
Is Your Child Refusing to Go to School? What You Should Know
Teacher coloring with girls.
How to Prepare Before Your Child Goes to Kindergarten
Hispanic counselor discussing something during group therapy session
What to Ask at a Parent-Teacher Conference
Germany, Leipzig, Parents watching school report of girl
Ways to Deal With a Bad Report Card in 7 Steps
Girl studying with her mother at home
Why Following the School Schedule Is Important for a Middle Schooler
Child raising hand while singing with others and teacher in preschool
Preparing for Preschool Parent-Teacher Conferences
Mother guiding daughter in homework
Lay out Your Expectations for Homework With a Contract
Mother helping daughter with homework
A School Contract Can Help Your Tween Succeed
Parents and child at a table in a classroom
PTA, PTSA or PTO - What is the Difference?
Mother helping daughter with homework
With a Little Work, Your Child's Bad Grades Can Be Improved
High school teacher calling on student in classroom
Would Your Child Get a Better Education in an Alternative School?
Children using computers in classroom
Electives Can Be Fun and Support Your Tween's Education
Family doing homework at the table
How Parent Involvement Benefits Kids
Files on a desk
What Does a Child's Cumulative File Mean?
Child outdoors writing in a notebook
What to Do If Your Child Has to Miss School
teacher reading to kindergartners
Pros and Cons of Academic Redshirting in Kindergarten or Later
Middle school students talking with teacher in classroom
What Tweens Should Know About Running as a Middle School Officer
mother and daughter homework help - first grade math help
How to Help a First-Grader Who's Struggling With Math
Teacher and students in classroom during lesson
Are There Too Many Kids in Your Child's Class?
High School Tutor Giving Female Student Wearing Uniform One To One Tuition At Desk
The 7 Best Online Physics Tutoring Services of 2022