When You're Scared to Take a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test
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Taking a pregnancy test is physically fairly simple to do. You purchase a test, commonly referred to as a pee stick, and well, you pee on it. That’s not so hard to do, right?

Well, not so fast there. Many women find taking a pregnancy test very difficult to do emotionally. They have very specific things they would like the test to say. Though the preference of positive or negative may vary from woman to woman, the fear of the answer is still the same.

For those fearing a negative pregnancy test, there may have been years of trying attached to the answer. Perhaps lots of expensive fertility tests have been had. Even beyond that, simply wanting to be pregnant is enough to stir the question in the minds of women –— am I pregnant?

Before you take the test, the answer can be whatever you want it to be. You can continue to fantasize that you are pregnant. You can plan for a new baby in your life, even decorating nurseries and picking baby names in your mind. This can be fun and safe. The alternative, taking the pregnancy test gives the definitive answer that either you get to stay in this positive dreamland or you have to be catapulted back to reality where the pregnancy test is negative.

Perhaps you are in the other camp, where you would prefer that the pregnancy test is negative. This means that your fantasy is that you didn’t get pregnant and that your current lifestyle will stay the same. You will not have to worry about late nights and crying babies, just being careful about being in the place of needing another pregnancy test anytime soon.

So, what pushes you over the edge to take the pregnancy test? Ultimately it’s simply knowing the truth. Knowing which camp you fall into and what your next move will be.

There is actually harm in not taking a pregnancy test if you are unwilling to at least “act pregnant,” by that I mean watch what you eat, refrain from harmful practices, etc. You can push it into the realm of unsafe and miss vital prenatal care and other options because of these fears. The sooner you know if you are pregnant, the better off you are in many, many capacities.

So how do you overcome the fear and move to action?

Have a Plan

Knowing what you will do, no matter which way the outcome falls is the best idea. Even if it is a short-term plan of finding the right person to tell and talk to about the results. This is important.

Test With a Buddy

Don’t try to take the pregnancy tests alone. Ask a good friend or your partner to help you. Having someone with you to help hold your hand or even read the test results can be a blessing. It can make the whole process easier.

Don’t Panic

No matter what the result is, panicking will only serve to make things worse. Refer back to your plan that you started with in the first place. Remember it’s also okay to do nothing for a bit. Find someone who can help you, be it a trusted practitioner, your partner, a therapist. You may want to have someone to talk to, either personally or professionally, perhaps even both.

What Happens Next?

Do you need to see your doctor or midwife? Will you need a pregnancy test confirmed? Will you need to ask for testing or treatment? There are places you can go to discuss all of your options for your pregnancy.

The bottom line is that not testing does not change the outcome of the pregnancy test. You are either pregnant or you’re not. Your period might show up. You might not be pregnant. You might be pregnant. Not taking a pregnancy test doesn’t matter to anything other than what you can control. However, if you are pregnant, finding out sooner, will be helpful at getting prenatal care and making safe choices for you and your family.

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