Sarah Toscano



Gaming, Home tech


Barnard College



Sarah has been an e-commerce writer since 2020, mainly covering topics related to gaming, home tech, streaming, and pop culture. Prior to embracing her role in e-commerce, she was a Story Production Fellow at Insider Inc. and held various media internships that allowed her to cultivate a well-rounded understanding of pop culture, entertainment, and e-commerce reporting through the lens of sports, beauty, fashion, education, family, visual culture, and beyond. She’s played video games since she was a child, with some of the first games she ever played being Super Mario Land and Pokémon Sapphire on the Game Boy, and Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gauntlet on the GameCube. Her love of gaming naturally progressed into a love of computers, streaming, smart home gadgets, and all other sorts of tech.

Favorite Purchase

I have two all-time favorite purchases: my Crunchyroll Premium Membership and my Nintendo Switch. I use both nearly every day, and they’re my primary forms of entertainment.


Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree from Barnard College. She majored in English (with a concentration in Creative Writing) and American Studies (with a concentration in Media and Pop Culture).

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