Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley


  • Health and parenting writer
  • Published in Parents, Women's Health, The Washington Post, and more
  • Mom to three boys aged 9, 6, and 4
  • Homeschooler and former creative writing teacher


Sarah Bradley is a freelance writer in the health and parenting spheres. She has been creating digital and print content for more than 10 years. Her personal essays and reported articles are regularly featured at sites like Women's Health, Parents, and Her work has also appeared at On Parenting by The Washington Post and at 

As a homeschooling mom with three young sons (and a puppy!), Sarah doesn't have a lot of "free time," but she does enjoy baking, DIY projects, and hiking with her family. She also loves creative writing—having taught it to teens and adults for several years—and hopes to one day publish her first novel. 


Sarah received her bachelor of arts degree in English from Southern Connecticut State University in 2006. 


A Word From Sarah Bradley

When my first son was born 9 years ago, looking for parenting advice (or solidarity!) on the internet wasn't really a thing yet. No one scrolled through Facebook for shared links about every parenting topic under the sun. On top of that, I was the first of all my friends to have a baby. Needless to say, I felt alone: in how I spent my days, how I experienced the enormous change of becoming a mother, and—most importantly—in all the unanswered questions I had about how to be a "good" mom. 

Almost a decade later, I've learned that the only way to be a "good" mom is to do what's right for your family...and that will always look different from one mom to the next. Good parenting is not one-size-fits-all. In my years fumbling through motherhood, I realized there are not enough moms talking about what real-life motherhood looks like for them. How tough it is, or how painful, exhausting, scary, isolating, thrilling, and joyful it can be, too. After my third son was born, I started sharing my personal experiences in writing, with the hope that other moms might feel a little less alone when they read them. Often, people share that my words do make them feel less alone—or, at the very least, like someone out there understands what they're going through.

Whether you want to hear from a mom who has battled the terrible two's and lived to tell the tale or searching for reliable, expert-approved reasons for why your baby has stopped sleeping through the night, I'm here for you. Making you feel less alone in your parenting motivates my work as mother/writer every single day. 

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