Riddles, Puzzles and Brainteasers for Kids

These books keep kids busy noodling out the solution to riddles and puzzles.

Keep your kids' minds active even when their bodies are not. Puzzle books are a great hands-on, screen-free activity to make kids think while they are having fun.

Riddles, Jokes and Brainteasers

Puzzle books
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Even kids who can't yet read can enjoy some of these books. There is something here for the preschooler to the pre-teen and beyond.

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Clip Clue Puzzles

Hold on to your office supplies! Kids ages 8 and up will be pilfer paper clips to solve these puzzles. They read the clues, then arrange a clip chain that satisfies all the clues.But if it keeps them entertained it’s worth it, right?

The Everything Kids Riddles & Brain Teasers Book: Hours of Challenging Fun

This book is geared toward kids ages 9-12 but kids a bit older or younger may enjoy it too. Kids will laugh and think at the same time. It's a two-fer!

Life: The Ultimate Picture Puzzle: Can You Spot the Differences?

Even very young children can do the picture puzzles in this series. This particular book has some tougher puzzles for  experienced puzzlers.

Fun With Mazes Wipe-Off Book

Wipe-off mazes are great. Not only do kids forget that they’ve solved this maze before and then re-solve it, but it means when the kids really do have them memorized, you can pass them down to younger siblings. Plus kids can make a mistake but then clear it off with no problem. These mazes are geared toward preschool age.

Reader's Digest Book of Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Difficulty level in these riddles, mysteries, and verbal conundrums, range from 1 to 3. In kids’ ages that is probably tweens and up.These will build analytical, creative, and practical thinking.

Kids' Kookiest Riddles

Ever kid loves riddles--the sillier the better. This one will keep them busy. Some samples from the publisher:

"What do you get if you cross a pig and a centipede? Bacon and legs."

"Who did Dracula marry? The girl necks door." 

One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!

One-minute mysteries keep kids reading for a whole bunch of minutes! And these have the added bonus of reinforcing science skills. These cover earth, space, life, physical, chemical, and general science. 

I Spy Books

I Spy Fantasy

While there are many highly entertaining visual puzzle books, the I Spy books set the standard.

A parent may need to read the riddle, which lays out which hidden-in-plain sight objects to find. But there are so many items in the intricate photo illustrations that children can make up new riddles or enjoy a little freelance sleuthing. Children of all ages love these books. Both series have books geared specifically to preschoolers, though children in that age range may also enjoy the regular series.

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