Choosing Great Rhyming Names for Twins

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Choosing names for a child is a big responsibility for a parent, and parents of twins have to put twice as much thought into their choices. There are many theories and approaches on how to choose names for twins.

One strategy that is popular with parents of twins is to choose rhyming names. Rhyming names are a way to express the bond between twins, connecting them in name and identity.

Are Rhyming Names a Good Choice?

While rhyming names can be a controversial choice, they remain a popular option. Rhyming names can help people remember the names of the twins. This was popular in the past when twins were less common than they are now in the age of fertility treatments.

However, they rhyming names conform to older stereotypes about twins having a joint identity rather than being individuals. In the 1990s and early 2000s, parents became more concerned with encouraging individuality in twins. Matching names and dressing twins alike became less appealing as parents tried to establish distinct identities and offer opportunities for unique expression. However, there's no evidence that rhyming names discourages individuality in twins. As a parent, you may want to take steps to ensure you will encourage individuality with your twins.

These days, parents freely choose whatever names they like for their twins, making selections that represent their preferences and personalities. Many parents desire names that sound pleasing in combination and rhyming names are a natural conclusion for twins. It's good to choose a pair of names that the twins can vary as they grow older, perhaps using a shorter name while a child and a longer version as an adult.

A drawback is that if the names sound similar they may be harder for the kids to distinguish which one you are addressing. Be sure to test the names out loud and see whether they are easily confused. You are going to be using the two names together for many years to come. Decide whether you'll get tired of the rhyming. For families who like the idea of rhyming names, take a look at a few for you to consider.

Rhyming Names for Boy Twins

Many common boys names have natural rhyming companions. For instance, Jack and Zach or Bryan and Ryan. In these two cases, you can also choose to alter the spelling, opting for something like Brian if the similar spelling is not important to you.

  • Daniel and Nathaniel
  • Aiden and Caden
  • Jason and Grayson (also Mason)
  • Blake and Jake
  • Landon and Brandon
  • Miles and Niall
  • John and Shaun
  • Rhett and Brett
  • Jarrett and Barrett
  • Ian and Ryan (where Ian is pronounced Eye-un)

Rhyming Names for Girl Twins

Name for twin girls are a lot of fun to think about and there are some great rhymes to be found. Zoe and Chloe, for example, has a fun ring and Bella and Stella have a sort of old-school charm.

  • Lily and Millie
  • Abby (Abigail) and Gabby (Gabrielle)
  • Amanda and Miranda
  • Nora and Cora
  • Kylie and Miley
  • Sadie and Katie
  • Addison and Madison
  • Mia and Lea
  • Jessa and Tessa
  • Sara and Cara
  • Bernice and Denise

Rhyming Names for Boy/Girl Twins

Choosing rhyming names for a pair of twins of the opposite sex can be a bit more of a challenge. Yet, this also gives you the opportunity to play with common nicknames for the rhyme. By choosing James (Jim) and Kimberly (Kim), for instance, you're not setting your children up for an automatic rhyme. As they grow older, they can choose for themselves which name they prefer.

  • Tate and Kate
  • Tristan and Kristen
  • Bensen and Jensen
  • Wylie and Riley
  • Hudson and Judson
  • Dylan and Gillian
  • Samuel (Sam) and Pamela (Pam)
  • Finn and Quinn
  • Wilson and Allison
  • Brendon and Glyndon

Get Creative With Your Rhymes

Remember that rhyming names don't have to be an exact match. Get creative with rhyming names for twins. Vary spelling or syllable count to provide some diversity and interest in order to showcase your own family flair.

If you're wary about choosing rhyming names, consider names with similar sounds, particularly in the last syllable or with the same vowel emphasis.

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