4 Great Baby Rewards Programs for New Parents

Babies are little bundles of love, but all the stuff they require costs big bundles of money. They can also add up to some nice rewards for baby and mommy if you take advantage of loyalty programs offered by companies.

Many of these programs go beyond earning points; they also include coupons and member-exclusive discounts. Get in on the perks and sign up for these baby rewards programs to get a little extra with every purchase.

Disney Movie Rewards

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Disney is a favorite for many families so it only makes sense to get a few rewards for watching what you love. Through the Disney Movie Rewards program, you can earn points when buying Disney DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, and movie tickets. When you have points built up, cash them in for free Disney movies, merchandise, movie tickets, and gift cards.

Huggies Rewards

If Huggies is your diaper brand of choice, joining the company's rewards program can be quite useful. It's just not possible to skimp on the number of diapers, wipes and training pants you buy over the first couple of years of your baby's life. And that means you'll collect tons of the rewards codes found in packages of Huggies products. Cash them in on the Huggies website for free diapers, gift cards, toys, photos, magazine subscriptions, and lots of other goodies.

Pampers Rewards

If you prefer Pampers, you don't have to give up getting rewards, since these the maker of these baby products also offers a rewards program that new moms can take advantage of. (You have to buy diapers and you might as well get a reward for doing it.) Collect the codes off of Pampers diapers, wipes, and training pants. Enter them at Pampers Rewards to earn free diapers and wipes, photo products, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, toys, magazine subscriptions, and baby gear. Pampers tells you how many points you can receive for products before you hit the store. Also, the larger the package, the more points you get.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a popular brand of natural products that include cleaners, laundry detergents, and diapers. It also has a community program called Generation Good. Save the codes from Seventh Generation diapers and laundry products and trade them in for free coupons and rewards from Seventh Generation and other brands. Points can also be donated to charity. Members may also be eligible to try new products for free.

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