Everything You Need to Know About Renting Clothes During Pregnancy

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! It’s an exciting time for your ever-changing body. And whether you enjoy shopping for pregnancy clothing or loathe it, there’s no denying that renting clothes has become just as popular for people during pregnancy and postpartum as it is in general.

If you’re interested in learning why pregnancy clothing rentals have grown in popularity, what kinds of rentals there are, a few key sites to rent from, and what’s currently trending, this is the article for you.

Why Parents-To-Be Rent Clothes for Pregnancy

Because pregnancy has a set time frame, you won't be wearing these specialized clothes for a long period of time, making renting a good option. There are many other reasons to rent, too, including one-time use items for events such as baby showers and special occasions, seasonality, passing trends, sustainability reasons, and more.

Tiffany Gifford, a Nashville-based celebrity stylist who has dressed Gabby Barrett, Elle King, Morgane Stapleton, and Mickey Guyton during their pregnancies, likes the option to rent for her clients because the clothes are needed for a single moment in time.

“My clients’ needs [while pregnant] are finite," Gifford says. "Their pregnancy is temporary. It’s great to wear something a little more special knowing that it might not be the size or style you choose down the road, but you’re not spending an arm and a leg on it.” 

Seasonality also plays into it—it’s not just about sequined dresses and fancy coats for special occasions. Anita Rajendra, a mother of three and founder of rental site La Belle Bump where you can rent for everyday uses as well as special occasions, adds, “Even though I have three kids close in age, I really couldn’t reuse a lot of the clothes I bought while pregnant because of the wear and tear and the fact that my children were born in different seasons.” 

Plus, it’s a great time to try a trend, even if your pregnant body isn’t the body you used to have. “When expecting moms-to-be are unsure of what will fit as their body changes, the rental option is an added convenience to try styles that are trend-right and fit for maximum comfort,” says brand executive vice president of A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity Marla Ryan, whose Motherhood Rental website debuted last summer. 

Added bonuses include keeping clutter out of your closet and being mindful of more sustainable fashion, since each piece of clothing will have more than one "owner."

Types of Pregnancy Clothing Rentals 

There are two types of rentals—single rentals for special occasions or single moments in time, or memberships and subscriptions. Most memberships can be canceled at any time, and many sites offer the ability to purchase an item you love after renting it. You can rent a certain number of items per month depending on the membership plan you choose. Clothing can range from everyday work dresses to coats to even black-tie options. 

Where To Rent Clothes for Pregnancy

There are many sites available for you to rent from during your pregnancy. Sites like Rent the Runway, Nuuly, and Le Tote all offer pregnancy rentals as well as non-pregnancy clothing rentals. Rent the Runway has well-known brands such as Show Me Your Mumu and Yumi Kim; Nuuly pulls from coveted brands like DL1961 and Nothing Fits But; and Le Tote offers brands like Ava Maternity and Noir Maternity. 

There are also pregnancy-specific clothing sites like La Belle Bump offering pregnancy brands like Isabella Oliver and Ingrid & Isabel and Motherhood Rental offering A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity that cater only to people who are pregnant and postpartum. All offer stylish, on-trend items that are chosen with a pregnant and postpartum body in mind.

What People Are Saying About Renting Pregnancy-Specific Clothing

Parents rent pregnancy-specific clothes for a variety of reasons. "I chose to rent maternity clothes during my first pregnancy because my body was changing so rapidly; I didn't want to invest in owning clothing that I could only wear one time,” says Kelly Martin, a mom of two who lives in Atlanta, Ga. “By renting based on my trimester, I could wear things for the month and then send them back in exchange for new items that grew with me."  

She notes that Le Tote was great, but the detergent they used to wash the clothes had a strong smell that she was super sensitive to because of her hormones. 

Verywell Family’s Editorial Director Lauren Levinson chose to rent from Rent the Runway with her first pregnancy and is planning on it again with her second.

“Now that I am expecting my second child, I really don't have time to go shopping in stores. I work full-time and then take care of my toddler on the weekends. Mailing the rental clothes easily back and forth is just easier for me,” she says. “The best perk with my first was renting a maternity winter coat so I didn’t have to splurge on that. I am all about renting during this transitional phase.”

She mentions that sometimes the clothing is worn and that popular styles and brands rent quickly, downsizing the library. “It takes patience and spending time on the app, which is still easier for me than going to a store,” she says. 

Which Pregnancy Clothing Styles Are Popular To Rent 

Gifford says to snatch up leggings with fun patterns and prints if you see them—they’re trending in general, not just for pregnant and postpartum people, although they are perfect for those stages of life. “Leggings were all over the runways,” she says, noting that it’s easier to take fashion risks as well when you’re renting because the items aren’t in your closet forever. 

Anything and everything is renting now, says Ryan. “We are seeing the rental of dresses return, with favorite picks being casual maxi dresses. We are also seeing wear-to-work styles as people are returning to work.” Rajendra is seeing dreamy, romantic, and ruffled looks trending and is partial to comfortable, relaxed wide-leg pants. 

A Word from Verywell

The pregnancy and postpartum periods of your life come with many changes, including a changing body. Renting is one way to accommodate for these changes without a huge financial commitment, and it allows you to try new styles, have fun, and reduce the amount of clothing hanging in your closet. No matter how you choose to clothe your pregnant and postpartum body, feeling good is what matters most.


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