Rebecca Fraser-Thill


Rebecca Fraser-Thill has been working in the field of developmental psychology for more than a decade. Her training, teaching and research have covered the entire lifespan from conception to death, but she has primarily focused on infants, children and young teens.


Rebecca's writing has appeared in a variety of books, online publications and scholarly journals, including Contemporary Psychology and Law and Human Behavior. She co-authored the Infant-Toddler Early Learning Guidelines for the State of Maine (2006) and a chapter in Child Development: The Macmillan Psychology Reference Series (Macmillan, 2002). Rebecca teaches in the psychology department of Bates College, where her courses include Developmental Psychology, Child Psychopathology and Infancy. She holds a Master's Degree in developmental psychology from Cornell University.

A Word From Rebecca Fraser-Thill

"I'm passionate about sharing psychology with the general public. I distinctly remember the day this became my life's mission: I was sitting in my elective high school psychology class, encountering Piaget's theory of cognitive development for the first time. As my peers half-slept around me, I buzzed with excitement, thinking, 'This is so fascinating and important! Do parents know about this?!' As I moved through college and graduate school, I realized that parents were not being kept in the loop as well as they could be. Too often, important studies of developmental psychology are jargon-filled and kept locked in subscription-only journals. My goal, therefore, is to help parents access and understand the research and theory the field of psychology has to provide. 

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