10 Reasons to Fire a Nanny

Hiring a nanny is a challenging process. The nanny/parent relationship is complex and there are bound to be some disagreements and conflicts. While most situations can be worked out with open communication and cooperation, there are some situations when parents should fire a nanny immediately.


Suspicion of Abuse

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Any signs that point towards mental, physical, or sexual abuse of your child is an immediate reason for termination. If you are concerned you may want to install a nanny cam (if your state permits).

Pay attention to mysterious marks or bruises, injuries, or a sudden change in your child’s demeanor. These can be signs of abuse, but they can also have other explanations. Abuse is a serious accusation that should not be taken lightly.



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If your nanny is stealing from you, there is a reason for immediate termination. If your valuables are missing and never turn up, this could be a sign that you have a thief in your home.

Trust yourself, but try to have proof before accusing and firing your nanny.


Lack of Attention or Neglect

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A nanny who does not pay attention to your child is a problem, but this may not be cause for termination if they are willing to change their behavior. Sometimes this behavior is from lack of experience and can be altered with careful guidance and coaching.

Intentional neglect, however, is a reason for immediate termination. If your children are always hungry, dirty, or need to be changed, they may be neglected by the nanny. 


Substance Use

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Use of alcohol or drugs while on the job is cause for immediate termination. If you find unknown drugs or alcohol in your home, terminate the relationship immediately.

If you notice your nanny acting odd or out of it, it is important to trust your gut because your child's safety may be in danger. 



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Trust is vital to the nanny/parent relationship. If you catch your nanny telling repeated lies, you have reason to be concerned. You may want to share your concerns with your nanny, but try to approach them in a non-accusatory way.

If they are telling small lies, you may be able to mend the situation with open communication. A big lie may create an irreparable break in your relationship



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Reliability is an important part of the nanny job description. Everyone is late from time to time, but if your nanny is habitually late or calls out frequently, it can affect your job performance.

Don't risk your own career to hold onto an unreliable nanny. Before firing the nanny, talk with them about your concerns.


Child Safety Concerns

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In order to go to work and do a good job, you must feel that your children are safe and well cared for.

If you do not feel secure in your nanny's ability to take care of your children, you may need to rethink this situation. 


Failure to Enforce House Rules

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As your employee, your nanny should follow and enforce your house rules, whether they agree with them or not. If your nanny disregards your rules, they are probably not a good fit. Talk with your nanny about their actions. They might have a good reason and you could learn from each other.

If your nanny simply doesn't want to abide by your rules and does not have an explanation, it is best to part ways. 


Schedule Changes

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Despite a great performance, scheduling changes may be a reason for a nanny contract to end. When children go to school, parents usually need to cut nanny hours. In this case, the nanny might be the one to dismiss themselves. If you get a new job with different hours than you originally agreed to, your nanny has the right to walk away. 

But if your nanny is the one calling the shots and their schedule changes don't work for you, then it's appropriate to find someone who's available when you need them.



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If your family is moving, there is a likelihood that your nanny relationship will end. Depending on the situation and the nanny’s ability to move, the contract could come to an unexpected end despite the nanny’s great performance and your satisfaction with her job.

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