10 Ready-Made Care Packages for College Kids

College kids enjoy hearing from friends a family from home, and they're often short on cash and a little bit hungry. Assembling, packaging and sending a care package can be timely, costly, and in many cases, not nearly as enthusiastically received as it was sent. Take the stress out of brightening a college student's day by sending a ready-made care package that can easily be ordered online. 


Smiles From Home

smiles from home
Smiles From Home

Who can resist a smiley face? Smiles From Home sends large care packages or sweet and simple smiley face mugs with a few special treats to your college student for a fun pick-me-up. With a variety of gift cards, snacks, and other items in each package​ Smiles From Home arrives to brighten any day.


Man Crates


There is a huge variety of gifts for the young man at college on Mancrates.com . The website has 4 different categories of gift packages, each with its own unique packaging. The wooden crate comes with a mini crowbar for (not so) easy opening, which only adds to the fun. Some of the gifts available include the bacon crate, cowpocalypse crate (all jerky!), the Nascar barware crate and many more. While some are only suitable for 21 and older, there are lots to choose from for younger men.


Tastefully Simple

My Mug Cake

 Tastefully Simple

Every dorm room and student apartment has a microwave, and Tastefully Simple has the perfect little surprise for your favorite student with a sweet tooth. My Mug Cake is a cake that's baked in a mug, it's ready in minutes for a yummy treat. Send a few to share with roommates, dorm mates, and friends.


Gourmet Gift Baskets

Purple Floral Gift Basket
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 Do you need a gift right away? Maybe your young adult isn't feeling so good or has a rough weekend of studying, or just broke up with his or her significant other. Gourmet Gift Baskets can help with same day delivery of abundant and delicious gift packages that will cheer anyone up. While these are on the more expensive end of things, the quick response and delivery time is well worth it in some situations.


Gifty Baskets

College student gift basket

 Gifty Baskets

Not all gift baskets have to be all about food. The Quest for Knowledge gift basket from Gifty Baskets includes a figurine of a student and a book of inspirational quotations to peruse when the pressure of studying and working hard gets to be too much. There are a few yummy treats, too.  


Our Campus Market

Our campus market

Our Campus Market 

For all things collegiate, head to Our Campus Market. Send your student a package with their school mascot emblazoned everywhere for game days and more. Lots of schools to choose from, with quality products.


Hip Kits


Hip KIts 

There are dozens of fun care packages to send on the website Hipkits.com, including a movie lovers package filled with everything you could want from a movie theater concession stand. You can even add an iTunes gift card to the package so they can choose a movie to watch with their munchies.


Tether Box

Tether Box

Tether Box 

 ​Tether Boxgoes straight to the source to pick out care packages for college students – other college students. You decide whether to do a monthly, semester or annual plan and each month a package that is handpicked by your college student's contemporaries is shipped out. No more worrying about ordering something special for a monthly bit of love – Tether Box does it for you.



The Knack Shops

The Knack Shops 

 Knack offer unique and millennial-friendly gift packages that you can curate and enhance with extra items. The yoga retreat package, for example, offers options including  The Bhagavad Gita - A Classic of Indian Spirituality, a book about yoga, a yoga mat strap, a sea urchin air plant and a motivating word rock. You are then free to add any of the other items available for an extra fee. Namaste!  


Monthly Gift

Monthly Gift

The Monthly Gift Package 

For women only: The Monthly Gift package is a subscription service for all things menstrual-related. Not only can these products be expensive, but with all else that students have to think about, tampons can sometimes be forgotten on the "to buy" list. Give the gift of convenience to your favorite young woman in college. 

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