The preschool years are a crucial developmental time. Read all you need to know about behavior and discipline, social and emotional growth, and learning.
Girls playing volleyball with different hairstyles
12 Fast & Easy Hairstyles For a Cute Back-to-School Look
Mom and son painting easter eggs
10 Egg-Cellent New Decorating Ideas for Your Kids' Easter Eggs
Girl enjoying herself and spending leisure time at home. She is reading book with her teddy bear in a tent at home
Best Book Subscriptions for Kids of 2022
Learn to Read Apps
The 7 Best Learn to Read Apps of 2022
Online Learning Platforms
The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022
Young Latin American brother and sister relaxing outdoors in a backyard hammock and using a digital tablet.
Things You Can Do to Improve Your Child's Mental Health
Preschoolers Sharing Toys
How to Help Your Preschooler Develop a Healthy Moral Compass
A mother teaches her son to count with an abacus.
Teaching Preschool Kids How to Count With Simple Strategies
Gross motor activities for preschoolers - little girl dancing
Gross Motor Skills Activities for Little Kids
toddler sucking from a water bottle
Getting Rid of the Pacifier Once and for All
Little girl reading board book
Letters and Numbers Are Concepts Toddlers Should Know by Preschool
increase your child's vocabulary
6 Easy Ways to Expand Your Child's Vocabulary
Baby coloring on floor
Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills With These Fun Activities
toddler boy playing tee-ball
How a Child's Motor Skills Development Normally Progresses
Boy sitting on mother's lap and using digital tablet
The Importance of Teaching Sight Words to Preschoolers
preschool self help skills
How to Teach Your Preschooler Important Self Help Skills
girl throwing a tantrum on floor
When It Comes to Tantrums, What's Normal and What Isn't?
Playdates for kids
Plan an Awesome and Fun Playdate for Your Preschooler
two young girls playing on floor
How Parents Can Respond When a Child Reverts to Baby Talk
teach your child to clean up toys
How to Teach Your Child to Clean Up
A little girl picking her nose
How to Stop Kids From Picking Their Nose
Is Spanking an Appropriate Form of Discipline? - Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley
Is Spanking an Appropriate Form of Discipline?
preschool bully
How Do I Stop a Preschool Bully?
Portrait of a Small Boy
Why Preschoolers Don't Always Tell the Truth
mom drinking orange juice with toddler boy
How to Manage Your Demanding or Bossy Children
shy child holding mother's hand
How Parents Can Help Shy Children Socialize and Make New Friends
preschool age boy pointing at brother who is covering his eyes
How to Stop a Preschooler From Hitting and Acting Aggressively
How to Discipline a Child Who Is Always Defiant
Mixed race brothers putting together puzzle on floor
Discover How Structured Play Can Teach Your Preschooler at Home
African girl crying and reaching upward
How to Use Redirection to Diffuse Your Preschooler's Tantrums
Bullied young girl
Why Children Tease and How Parents Can Stop It
Children stacking blocks
Unstructured Play Is a Time to Explore and Have Fun Without Direction
Young girl making faces
How Parents Can Stop Their Preschooler Calling Them Names
stop temper tantrums
Parent-Tested Ways to Stop a Child's Temper Tantrums
What to do when a child bites
Ouch! What to Do if Your Child is a Biter
Brothers playing with toy tractor on floor
How to Teach Your Kids Sharing Without It Being a Challenge
Teaching thankfulness
How You Can Teach Thankfulness in a Young Child
Illustration of child stuck in bed with different kinds of thermometers
How to Take a Child's Temperature
9 Foods Kids Should Avoid When Constipated
Boy with cough remedies
The Best At-Home Cough Remedies for Kids
Preschooler girl playing ball outside
Does Your Preschooler Get Enough Exercise?
Child having trouble falling asleep
10 Ways to Avoid Bedtime Tantrums
preschool child hugging teddy bear
What to do When Your Child Has a Nightmare or Night Terror
Sleep solutions for toddlers
How Parents Can Help Their Toddlers and Young Children Sleep Better
Family eating snacks together
10 Fun, Healthy Snacks for Kids to Make
preschool assessment
Importance of Preschool Accreditation
Kids sit on the floor in front of a teacher raising their hands
The HighScope Method May Be the Best for Your Preschooler
what is universal pre-k?
What is Universal Pre-K and How Can It Benefit My Preschooler?
Boy and a girl playing at a preschool table
Services Provided by Developmental or Special Education Preschools
Preschool-aged girls playing with playdough
What Kids Learn in Preschool
Two girls playing with playdough at preschool
How Do Preschool Teachers Evaluate a Child?
The new MyPlate logo from the USDA is supposed to help people build a healthy plate of food.
Using the USDA MyPlate Food Plate May Help Your Child's Nutrition
Preschooler walking to school with mom
How Can Parents Manage Separation Anxiety at Preschool?
print rich preschool classroom
How Exposing Preschoolers to the Written Word Helps Them to Read
Reggio Emilia approach
Reggio Emilia Is a More Child-Directed Approach to Preschool
The Bank Street method preschool
Bank Street Preschool Learning Method Is Non-Competitive and Play-Based
Little girl listening to mother's pregnant belly
How Parents Can Prepare Their Child for a New Sibling in the Family
Teacher drawing with students on floor at preschool
How to Know If Your Child Is Ready to Start Preschool
increase your preschooler's vocabulary
8 Easy Activities to Build Your Child's Vocabulary
what to ask a preschool teacher
Questions to Ask During a Preschool Teacher Interview