Pregnancy Week 41 and Being Overdue

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Surprise! You're still here. That's okay you aren't alone. While some moms have their babies prior to their due dates, many moms don't have their babies until after their due dates. It is also possible that your due date was miscalculated.

You may see your practitioner more often. Some want to do a non-stress test to ensure baby is still doing well. The American College of Ob/Gyns doesn't recommend elective inductions.

While you're tired of being pregnant, induction is harder for both you and the baby, often leading to increased intervention, including c-sections.


Okay, are you surprised that the baby is still in there? You shouldn't be! He or she has tucked away, happily, inside. The average first-time mother will go more than four days past her due date. Remember that the due date was more of a guess than anything based on science!

Your practitioner will still be monitoring you and the baby for the proper growth, fetal movements, and signs of labor.

Try to find ways to stay busy. That will really help you focus on these last few days. My advice is to make plans and stay busy. That will take your mind off your impending labor. Remember, it's your last few days before this baby comes. The end of your pregnancy is in sight!


Try to help mom be comfortable and that also means emotionally. Remember that well-meaning friends and family will be calling to inquire about mom and baby.

Try to answer the phone for her. Be sure that you change your answering machine to give the latest update. You can also try looking at 101 things you can do when you're overdue.

Other Thoughts

As long as there have been pregnant women, there have been stories talking about how sex at the end of pregnancy will bring on labor.

Some people say it's the actual intercourse, some say it's the orgasm, others claim nipple stimulation. Then again, there are people who say that sex will not cause labor, even at the end of the third trimester.

Twin Tips

A few multiple pregnancies will last past 40 weeks. If you're here, congratulations! You've done an excellent job of being pregnant. You're probably very uncomfortable. Try swimming and pregnancy massage.

Suggested Reading

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There will be slight differences in everyone's growth and fetal development. Any problems should be reported to your practitioner.