Pregnancy Week 34

Pregnancy Week 34
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Your body is really getting ready and you may notice that you have more and more contractions that seem less and less like practice! This is a great sign that your body is getting ready!

Labor is broken down into three stages:

Have you thought about how long you'll work before baby?

Some women leave work before their due date or at their due date. Other women work until labor begins. Determine what's best for you!


Baby is continuing to get bigger! Four pounds seven ounces (2 kilograms) and a length of 42.5 cms or 16.8 inches. The hormones from the placenta are starting to activate the milk in your breasts. Did you know that the baby urinates almost a pint a day! Watch out diapers here you come!


If you haven't done it yet, consider doing a piece of artwork that is related to your pregnancy. You can do a photo shoot, paint her belly or even do a belly cast. It's a great way to spend time together as well as commemorate the pregnancy.

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This week we hear from other readers about what they couldn't live without in their hospital bags.

What did you pack for labor and delivery?

Twin Tips:

As you look towards birth you may have the same questions any mom would have.

A regular childbirth class is perfectly appropriate for you, but you might also want to find out if any of the hospitals in your area have a multiples class to give you a bit more information on what to expect for more than one baby. Epidural anesthesia can still be used in multiple births, just as unmedicated birth is still an option.

Be sure to discuss your desires with your practitioner. Around this point, you might have a better idea of the final positions of the baby, though it's still possible for them to change, it's less likely.

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Sleeping with Your Baby by Dr. James McKenna
There are many different books on getting baby to sleep and lots of information on where to put your baby, the focus of this book is on sleeping safely with your baby, the whys the hows and everything in between.

There will be slight differences in everyone's growth and fetal development. Any problems should be reported to your practitioner.