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Your uterine lining is thickening, and ovulation is getting ready to occur. Some women will actually feel ovulation, with a one-sided pain called mittelschmerz (literally meaning middle pain). This is typically the only signs of pregnancy or ovulation you'd have at this point. Getting to know your family's medical history is very important. About 75% of complications with pregnancy and birth can be identified at the first visit.

Also, learn more about getting pregnant and preconception health.


Almost! This week is mostly about the preparation to ovulate and ovulation. Obviously, there is something going on, you just don't have much influence over what's going on. Are you trying to chart your cycles or using ovulation prediction kits? This can help you get pregnant faster.

Many moms say that they do try to influence their cycles. Perhaps you're trying to get pregnant by a certain date so that you will have your baby during a scheduled down time at work or a preferred time of year. That is not uncommon but may not work. It may also be helpful to chart because many moms worry that they are having fertility issues after only a month or two of trying. If you are under 35 and having well-timed sex, it's recommended that you try at least one year before contacting your doctor or midwife. That time drops to six months if you're over 35 years old.

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Did you know that wearing boxers can increase your sperm count? By wearing regular or tight underwear, even pants, you can over heat your testicles and that has an adverse effect on the sperm. In fact, we are learning that more and more of how you care for yourself influences how the baby will grow.

Have you had a check up recently? If not, now is a prime time.

Twin Tips:

If you ovulate more than one egg, chances are you'll get pregnant with multiples! There are other ways to increase your chances of having multiples, including being an older mom, breastfeeding when you get pregnant and what you eat. The rate of naturally occurring twins is about 1 in 89 births.

Having multiples is considered higher risk than a single baby. This is because multiples, even twins, are often born earlier and at a lower birth weight. This can make them at risk for a lot of issues at birth and after.

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Many couples are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to choosing the sex of their baby. Couples wishing to have a baby girl have lots of things that they can try to help influence the odds of drawing the XX genetics that belong to a girl.

What did you try to get pregnant with a baby girl?

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