28th Week Pregnant Ultrasounds

Pictures of Your Baby's Development at 28 Weeks

3D Ultrasound - 28 Weeks

28 Week Ultrasound 3D Face
J. Cade

Welcome to the third trimester! Week 28 is an exciting one on so many levels. Your baby is getting bigger! This can mean that the ultrasound that you have look very different from earlier ultrasounds. Your baby is bigger, which means you'll see one part of the screen at a time. This can be disconcerting if you aren't expecting it. Remember - your baby's growth is a good sign.​

Many families won't have an ultrasound after the middle part of pregnancy unless the doctor or midwife is looking for something specific. This might be watching the placenta, checking on the baby's position, or watching the baby's growth amongst some things. You may also get a chance to see a 4D ultrasound. Don't panic, there are plenty of ways that they can better tell how baby is doing without using an ultrasound. This is what your prenatal care visits are for throughout your pregnancy. These prenatal care visits become more frequent in the third trimester as you prepare to meet your baby in a few short months. So be sure to stay on schedule and don't miss your appointments.

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 This 3D ultrasound at the 28th week of pregnancy is a clear shot of baby's face!

3D 28 Week Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound 28 Weeks

This baby has their leg up by their head. Makes my legs hurt just looking at it but babies, even at 28 weeks gestation, are completely flexible.

Baby's 3D Face at 28 Weeks

Baby's 3D Face at 28 Weeks

 This baby has their hand up near their face.

28 Week 3D Baby Face

28 Week 3D Baby Face

 Two little hands by this sweet baby face, and a cute pout.

28 Week 3D Baby Face

3D Face at 28 Weeks

 Hi mom! This baby looks like they are waving.

It's a boy at 28 weeks!

28 Week Ultrasound Boy
T. Chandler

 At 28 weeks into pregnancy, it's pretty obvious from this ultrasound that the baby is a boy.

3D Shoulder and Face at 28 Weeks


 This ultrasound shows a baby face and shoulder at 28 weeks into pregnancy.

It's a boy at 28 weeks!

28 Week Boy Ultrasound
C. Bendickson

 This is a 2D ultrasound, but no doubt about it - it's a boy!

Foot - 3D at 28 Weeks

28 Week 3D Foot
3D image of a foot. Karen

 You can almost count the toes in the ultrasound!

28 Week Baby Face

28 Week Baby Face
Honey M.

 A 2D ultrasound view of a baby's face at 28 weeks pregnant.

Baby's Face at 28 Weeks Via Ultrasound

3D Face 28 Weeks
J. Cade

 Baby looks very comfy in there!

28 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound - It's a Boy!

28 Week It's a boy ultrasound
It's a boy!. Honey M.

 This is another 2D ultrasound of a baby boy.

28 Week Ultrasound Head Circumference

28 Week Ultrasound Head Circumference
K. Harrell

 We look at the head circumference to look at how baby is growing.

28 Week 3D Hands

3D Ultrasound Hands - 28 Weeks
G. McCreery

 Can you see the baby hands?

Baby's Face at 28 Weeks Via Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound - Baby's Face - 28 Weeks into Pregnancy
G. McCreery

 This baby is showing you a full face at 28 weeks pregnant in this ultrasound.

Ultrasound at 28 Weeks

28 Week Ultrasound
C. Bendickson

 Very clear 2D ultrasound photo, baby almost looks like s/he is blowing kisses.

Smiling Baby Face - 28 Weeks 3D Ultrasound

3D 28 Week Ultrasound Smile
T. Chandler

I love this sweet baby smile! 

28 Week 3D Ultrasound of Face

3D 28 Week Ultrasound
C. Gill

 This baby seems to be smiling at us!

3D Baby Face at 28 Weeks Pregnant

3D 28 Week Ultrasound
R. Bailey

 Another sweet face at 28 weeks - very well defined features in this ultrasound.

28 Week 3D Baby Face

28 Week 3D Ultrasound
S. Gilliam

 Baby face at 28 weeks - so adorable!