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Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

If you're having twins or other multiples, it's important to know how that can affect your babies, your health, and delivery. Learn the ways your pregnancy differs from a mom carrying a singleton.
Doctor performing ultrasound on pregnant woman
How an Ultrasound Can Reveal If You Are Carrying a Hidden Twin
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Weight Gain With Twin Pregnancy
Pregnant woman asleep on her bed
Tricks for Better Sleep When You're Pregnant With Twins
Twin newborns sleeping next to each other
Do Twin Girls Fare Better in the Womb Than Twin Boys?
Twin pregnancy on ultrasound at 17 weeks
Tips for Getting Pregnant With, Carrying, and Delivering Twins
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Why You Might Need Bed Rest During a Multiples Pregnancy
Twins on a couch
6 Signs That You Might Be Expecting Twins
twin newborns
Will My Twins Be Born Early or Later Than Other Babies?
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Why Do Many Multiples Arrive Before Their Due Date?
Does the Likelihood of Twins Run in Families?
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How Preeclampsia May Affect Your Pregnancy With Multiples
How Can I Find Out If I'm Having Twins?
How Can I Find Out If I'm Having Twins?
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How to Manage Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
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How Dichorionic Twins Are Formed in the Placenta
Ultrasound Examination In Doctors Office
Are My Twins Sharing a Placenta?
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What to Wear When You're Having Twins or More
12 month old fraternal twins swinging in swings at a park
What Do You Know About Dizygotic Twins?
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Will I Have to Go On Bed Rest During My Twin Pregnancy?
Identical twins facing each other
How Identical Are Identical Twins? And How Do They Form?
Ultra-Sound of Twins
Overview of Monozygotic (Identical) Twins
Two twin baby girls hugging each other
Where to Turn for Answers When You Find Out You're Having Twin Babies
Pregnant woman looking at ultrasound
What You Should Know About Identical Twin Pregnancy
Fraternal twins
What Exactly Does Dizygotic Twins Mean?
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Things to Do and Buy Before Your Twins are Born
Know the signs of preterm labor in twin pregnancy.
Signs of Preterm Labor to Watch for If You Are Pregnant With Multiples
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Can a Mother Have Another Set of Multiples?
Twin boys 5 days old together in hospital
Risks of a Twin Pregnancy for Mother and Babies
Newborn Fraternal Twins Snuggle Up Together With Parents in Hospital Bed
275 Popular Twin Baby Names
Twins kissing, a positive benefit of a multiple pregnancy
Having Twins or Multiples? Tips for Staying Positive
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How to Stay Safe While Pregnant With Multiples
Twin boys 5 days old together in a hospital crib
What to Expect During the Labor and Birth of Twins
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Nutritional Superfoods to Eat When You're Pregnant With Twins
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How Mothers Can Have a Safe and Healthy Twin Pregnancy
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Quick Tips for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
name for different sets of multiple babies
How Multiples Births Occur and the Terms We Call Them
Pregnant Hispanic woman looking at ultrasound monitor
Common Questions About Twin and Other Multiple Pregnancies Answered
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What Kind of Weight Gain to Expect If You're Expecting Twins
Newborn twins
Not All Twins Are Identical or Fraternal