Pregnancy Loss Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pregnancy loss symptoms - belly pain, vaginal bleeding, etc. - are always worrisome, but they may not warrant panic. Get a sense of what concerns doctors and how they make an official diagnosis.
Doctors examining pregnant woman
What Does No Fetal Heartbeat on an Early Ultrasound Mean?
pregnancy ultrasound
Early Pregnancy: What Does It Mean If There Is No Yolk Sac?
Woman pregnant after clomid sitting on chair with hands on belly
How Doctors Diagnose Miscarriage
Pregnancy ultrasound
What Does No Gestational Sac On My Ultrasound Mean?
Photo illustration of woman reading a pregnancy test
Does It Signal a Miscarriage If Pregnancy Symptoms Have Gone Away?
Depressed woman with head in hands
Can a Miscarriage Occur Without Bleeding?
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What to Do If You Think You Are Having an Early Miscarriage
Midwife taking blood sample from arm of pregnant woman Obstetric examination. Midwife taking a blood sample from the arm of a pregnant woman. Regular check- ups are necessary during pregnancy so that the development of the baby and the health of the mother can be monitored. Blood can be tested to provide information on the mother's nutrition, for example blood glucose levels, and levels of hormones and antibodies.
Are Low hCG Levels in Early Pregnancy a Sign of Miscarriage?
Doctor examining pregnant woman at home
What Is Incomplete Miscarriage
Pregnant Woman Having an Ultrasound
Slowed Fetal Heartbeat During Pregnancy Can Be a Concern
Pregnancy test on edge of bathroom sink, close-up
Dropping hCG Levels and Miscarriage
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Are Ultrasounds an Accurate Way to Find a Baby's Heartbeat?
Doctor using ultrasound on pregnant woman
How Early Can You See Your Baby on an Ultrasound?
A young woman looking concerned during a visit to the doctor.
How First and Second Trimester Miscarriages Are Experienced
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Heavy Pregnancy Bleeding Should Prompt a Trip to the Emergency Room
Nurse taking blood sample Nurse getting blood from on a female donor
If Your hCG Levels Aren't Doubling, Will You Miscarry?
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Pregnancy Loss Includes More Than Just Miscarriages
Midwife taking blood sample from arm of pregnant woman
Should I Worry About a High hCG Level in Pregnancy?
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Is Miscarriage Less Likely Once a Heartbeat Is Detected?
Ultrasound Scan
How a Doctor Can Diagnose a Miscarriage by Ultrasound
Woman experiencing acute abdominal pain as a symptom of ectopic pregnancy
When to Worry About a Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Woman holding pregnancy test
Can a Home Pregnancy Test Tell You About a Miscarriage?
Obstetrician gynecologist checking fetal heartbeat with a Doppler
What If a Baby Doppler Shows No Heartbeat?
Nurse giving patient injection in hospital
Can Recurrent Miscarriages Be Treated With hCG Injections?
Implantation Bleeding vs. Miscarriage
Is It Implantation Bleeding or Miscarriage?
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Miscarriage or Period: Causes and Signs of Miscarriages
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What Are Missed Miscarriage Symptoms?
Woman reviewing ultrasound photos
What Should You Expect From Your First Trimester Ultrasound?
Pregnant Woman Having An Ultrasound
Understanding the Causes and the Diagnosis of a Threatened Miscarriage
Pregnant couple looking at screen of ultrasound exam
What to Expect From an Ultrasound for Suspected Miscarriage
No fetal pole
Fetal Pole and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
Woman clutching both hands over abdomen
How to Tell Whether You're Having a Missed Miscarriage
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Is It Normal to Bleed During Your Pregnancy?
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Sometimes Doctors Misdiagnose Pregnancies From Ultrasounds
Anxious Black pregnant woman rubbing forehead on sofa
What Are the Signs of Miscarriage?
Midsection Of Pregnant Woman Standing At Forest
Spotting Early Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy Reduces Complications
Photo Illustration of pregnant women cramping
Worrying About Cramps During the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy?
Diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy With Ultrasound
Mid-section of pregnant woman using laptop
Is Absence of Morning Sickness a Sign of Miscarriage?
pregnancy morning sickness
Does Having Morning Sickness Mean You Won't Miscarry?
Woman suffering from abdominal pain
Miscarriage or Heavy Period?
Spouses sit together holding hands loving husband soothing sad wife
What Is a Stillbirth?
Pregnant woman having ultrasound scan
How Are the Symptoms of a Molar Pregnancy Treated?
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Unwanted Pregnancy and Inducing a Miscarriage
Woman having ultrasound
Accuracy of Ultrasounds in Diagnosing Birth Defects
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Miscarriage Signs and Symptoms