Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnant Woman Having Bad Dreams
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The gurney was flying through the hospital doors. The big man was following my husband and I closely. As he got nearer I realized it was my Drill Sergeant! He was saying something about my insurance!

It wouldn't take a dream interpreter to explain to me that the above dream was caused from my prenatal insurance being canceled because of glitch - namely that they thought that I was the daughter of my husband!

Obviously it was a mistake, but not one that my hormones and subconscious were going to quickly let me forget - thus, I dreamed about it.

Some women will dream of the sex of their baby or the birth and have it be crystal clear and know that this is how it will be for them. While some women will have no specific dreams and not feel like they've been given any clues about their pregnancy. Others have odd dreams, even nightmares.

The dreams that we have in pregnancy are tainted with the worries and joys of pregnancy and the changing roles of our lives. Hormones don't always help either! Add this to a bit of insomnia, and it can really wreck your sleep.

Nightmares and Fear Dreams Can Be Common

Dreaming of harm coming to you, a member of your family or the baby is a common theme. As is losing the baby or feeling out of control in a situation with a baby. Many believe that these are just the fears of ourselves as parents coming out in dream form, while others say that they have no meaning.

Either way, they can be very disheartening and have no reflection on how you will be as a parent.

"I kept on hearing a crying baby, I tried to follow that crying but it was so dark that I was stumbling on bushes and rocks and the baby's crying seemed to have been coming from all around me, so it was impossible to reach it, I started screaming and calling for help, but only heard my echo and the baby still cried..."

Cheating and disappearing spouses, or reappearing ex-lovers can haunt some. What will your husband think of your ever expanding belly? Will he stick around to find out? Or the reverse, you're dreaming of steamy moments with those you find attractive, even the stars of stage and screen.

"I woke up from anesthesia and than a nurse asked me if I want to see my babies. I am very happy as she says "babies"... but she came back with a basket full of .... kittens. "

Maybe work is what's foremost on your mind! Do you say or do silly things at work? Have you had dreams about your boss doing really odd things, like shaving people's forearms? I actually dreamed my boss was marrying my husband, while I stood around pregnant. I did prevail in that dream. My husband didn't laugh and I was brave enough to tell my boss, not sure she thought it was too funny either. I'm trying to stand back and laugh it off...

Sometimes it's hard to laugh off scary dreams or even the realistic birth dreams. Consider sharing them with someone you trust, your spouse, a friend, or someone else who is pregnant! Discussing the fears or revelations behind the dreams is often easier to do and can make you feel much better.

Partners Have Pregnancy Dreams Too

Partners have dreams too!

Believe it or not, our weird dreams can happen to the partners in our lives too. Sometimes their dreams are related to our fears, or theirs. They may revolve around money issues, protection of the family, feeling left out or just about anything. A shoulder to lean on is very important for them as well.

Dreams can become very troublesome when they cause you to lose sleep or have insomnia in any way. There are a few women who will need to seek professional help due to the disturbing nature of the dreams that pregnancy brings on. If you feel like your dreams are causing a problem, you should seek the advice of your practitioner.