Pregnant Woman


    A lot happens in these nine amazing months. Learn more about each week and trimester, prenatal care, your changing body, staying well, possible concerns, labor and delivery, and more.
    Pregnant woman carrying groceries
    How Nutrition and Weight Gain Affect Your Pregnancy and Baby
    Anxious Black pregnant woman rubbing forehead on sofa
    How to Deal With a Headache During Pregnancy
    Pregnant woman eating honey
    Can I Eat Honey While Pregnant?
    Pregnant Woman in Yoga Position in Room
    Best Online Prenatal Yoga Classes in 2021
    Woman squeezing dropper of tea tree oil into her palm
    Can I Use Tea Tree Oil While Pregnant?
    Lindsay Schwartz Flach
    Lindsay Schwartz Flach on Running the Olympic Trials During Pregnancy
    Pregnant woman lying on bed
    Can I Lie On My Stomach While Pregnant?
    Woman getting swabbed for DNA test
    Can I Get a DNA Test While Pregnant?
    Andrea Thoma Gustin
    9 Questions: Andrea “L.A.” Thoma Gustin on Her Difficult Pregnancy
    postpartum exercise
    What Are the Signs of a Weak Pelvic Floor?
    Pregnant women looking through her clothes in the closet
    How Best to Style (or Hide!) a Baby Bump
    mother playing with baby
    Are You Looking For An English Baby Name?
    Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes
    The 8 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes of 2021
    Pregnant women exercising
    Prenatal Exercise Information, Benefits, Concerns, and Tips
    A diagram of the fontanelles of a baby's head.
    How to Care for Your Baby's Fontanelles
    Pregnant woman
    Coping With Asthma During Pregnancy
    pregnant woman with planner
    How to Plan a Thorough Maternity Leave Plan
    friends touching pregnant woman's stomach
    How to Deal With Unsolicited Advice During Pregnancy
    Mid adult pregnant woman is holding her arms under her breast and on her back
    Causes of Heartburn During Pregnancy and How to Deal With It
    Best Online Prenatal Workouts of 2021
    a Young pregnant woman is supported by her Doula before a caesarean section
    Best Online Doula Training Programs in 2021
    Tired mother nursing baby daughter indoors at home, resting on bed
    Best Online Lactation Consultants of 2021
    Photo composite of a woman holding a pregnant belly.
    Best Online Birthing Classes of 2021
    Full Term Pregnancy
    What Does It Mean to Have a Full-Term Pregnancy?
    hero image
    How to Pick the Best Baby Registry for Your Needs
    Hero image
    Benefits Your Baby Registry Needs to Offer
    rainbow baby
    What to Expect When You’re Pregnant With a Rainbow Baby
    A couple with hands in a heart shape on the woman's pregnant belly
    Is It Possible for Babies to Cry While Still in the Womb?
    how many months pregnant am i
    How Many Months Pregnant Are You?
    A fertilized egg is known as a zygote.
    The Difference Between a Zygote and an Embryo
    Pregnant Mother together with son.
    Why Mothers Shouldn't Expect All Their Pregnancies to Be the Same
    Business executives discussing in an office corridor.
    Is It Time to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant?
    Mom and dad comparing bellies
    Couvade Syndrome Can Happen When Your Partner Also Feels Pregnant
    young woman is sitting alone in a nightclub
    The Different Ways You Can Hide Your Pregnancy Symptoms
    Pregnant woman with partner's hand on her belly
    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator: How Many Weeks Pregnant Are You?
    Pregnant woman holding her stomach on beach
    The Truth Behind Inaccurate Pregnancy Claims
    Pregnancy Wheel
    How (and Why) to Use a Reverse Due Date Calculator
    Couple discovering pregnancy.
    When Should You Announce a Pregnancy?
    Pregnant woman standing in front of calendar
    Don't Be Annoying to a Woman Who Is Past Her Pregnancy Due Date
    man and pregnant woman on couch
    A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy in the Third Trimester
    pregnant woman ironing and doing chores at home
    What to Do When Your Pregnancy Is Overdue
    Couple with a positive pregnancy test
    Don't Offend Your Partner When She Says She's Pregnant
    The Earliest Stage of Life or Germinal Phase in Pregnancy
    Doctor with embracing couple
    A Partner's Guide to the First Trimester
    Pregnant woman helping coworker
    Is It Safe to Keep Working Until Your Baby's Due Date?
    Stay Calm Mom
    Watch All Our 'Stay Calm Mom' Video Series Episodes
    couple with positive pregnancy test
    21 Important Moments During Your Pregnancy
    Pregnancy Due Date Calendar
    When Your Doctor Changes Your Pregnancy Due Date
    Young man and pregnant girlfriend face to face and holding hands in field, waiting to meet their baby on the due date
    How a History of Infertility Can Affect Your Due Date
    Verywell Family Pregnancy Week by Week Journey
    Your Pregnancy Week by Week
    pregnant woman washing face
    Can I Use Benzoyl Peroxide While Pregnant?
    Beautiful pregnant woman shopping for beauty products in shopping mall
    Can I Use Glycolic Acid While Pregnant?
    Woman moisturizes pregnant belly
    How to Take Care of Belly Skin During and After Pregnancy
    Can I Drink Kombucha While Pregnant?
    Person applying skincare in the bathroom mirror
    How to Deal With Hormonal Acne During Pregnancy
    Pregnant woman getting a flu shot
    Can I Get the Flu Shot While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman feeling depressed
    Can I Take Antidepressants While Pregnant?
    Woman eating at a Korean restaurant
    Can I Eat Spicy Foods While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman in bed with a headache
    Can I Take Aleve While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman holding a tissue to her nose
    Can I Take Mucinex While Pregnant?