Pregnant Woman


    A lot happens in these nine amazing months. Learn more about each week and trimester, prenatal care, your changing body, staying well, possible concerns, labor and delivery, and more.
    pregnant woman
    Why You May Show Earlier in Your Second Pregnancy
    Illustration of pregnant woman at the doctor
    Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    Pregnant woman and doctor examining DNA model
    Risks, Causes, and Information on Genetic Disorders in Pregnancy
    Image of a pregnant person applying a topical cream to belly.
    You Can Safely Exfoliate Skin During Pregnancy. Here's How.
    Pregnant woman carrying groceries
    How Nutrition and Weight Gain Affect Your Pregnancy and Baby
    Anxious Black pregnant woman rubbing forehead on sofa
    How to Deal With a Headache During Pregnancy
    Pregnant woman eating honey
    Can I Eat Honey While Pregnant?
    Pregnant Woman in Yoga Position in Room
    Best Online Prenatal Yoga Classes in 2022
    Professional doula examining a pregnant woman
    Best Online Doulas of 2022
    Jessica Florio month 6 of pregnancy
    How I Built a Virtual Support System During My First Pregnancy
    Dad with baby
    Best At-Home Paternity Test of 2022
    Can I Eat Honey While Breastfeeding?
    Liz Narins month 5 of pregnancy
    How Hard Should I Work Out During Pregnancy? What One Mom Learned
    Angelique Serrano 8 months pregnant
    Dealing with an Early Delivery in a High-Risk Pregnancy
    Jessica Florio month 5 of pregnancy
    How Learning to Love Maternity Clothing Helped Me Gain Confidence
    Liz Narins month 7 of pregnancy
    11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Building My First Baby Registry
    Liz Narins month 3 of pregnancy
    How I Juggled Work and OB/GYN Appointments Throughout My Pregnancy
    Liz Narins month 6 of pregnancy
    Pushing Back on Unsolicited Advice Is Necessary During Pregnancy
    Alex Vance and her family in the delivery room
    How I Managed the Transition from One Kid to Two
    Alex Vance at 7 months pregnant
    Why Prepping for Baby Number Two Was Easier Than I Anticipated
    Angelique Serrano and her two children
    How I Surivived Postpartum After a Traumatic Delivery
    Angelique Serrano 7 months pregnant
    Nesting Helped Me See My High-Risk Pregnancy as a Positive Experience
    Varicose veins on back of woman's calf
    What to Know About Postpartum Varicose Veins
    Woman with stomach ache
    Can I Take MiraLAX While Breastfeeding?
    Woman breastfeeding baby
    Can I Use Bio-Oil While Breastfeeding?
    woman drinking beer
    Can I Drink Beer While Breastfeeding?
    Woman looking at acne on face in mirror
    Can I Use Acne Wash While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman putting Bio-Oil on belly
    Can I Use Bio-Oil While Pregnant?
    Angelique Serrano's baby bump
    Getting Dressed in my Second Trimester Took Some Creativity
    Alex Vance pregnancy and ultrasound
    During My Pregnancy, Self-Care Meant Embracing the Little Moments
    Woman with a stomach ache
    Can I Take MiraLAX While Pregnant?
    pregnant woman sitting at a table
    Can I Take Claritin While Pregnant?
    struggling with morning sickness
    Can I Take Zofran While Pregnant?
    Pregnant person with the flu
    Can I Take Tamiflu While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman in a purple shirt taking medicine.
    Can I Take Antibiotics While Pregnant?
    pregnant person holding back
    Can I Use a Heating Pad While Pregnant?
    Woman looking at pills
    Can I Take Adderall While Breastfeeding?
    Woman looking into a close-up mirror, examining her skin.
    Got a Pimple While Pregnant? Here's How to Treat it
    Can I Take Zoloft While Breastfeeding?
    Mother nursing her infant
    Can I Take Antibiotics While Breastfeeding?
    Illustration of toddler in small bed
    Choosing a Toddler Bed
    nosebleed pregnancy
    Why Do I Get Nosebleeds During Pregnancy?
    Pregnant woman with drinking glass
    Can I Take Emergen-C While Pregnant?
    Beef Jerky
    Can I Eat Jerky While Pregnant?
    person donating plasma
    Can I Donate Plasma While Pregnant?
    Mother Feeding Baby
    What is the Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER)?
    Woman sneezing
    Can I Take Zyrtec While Breastfeeding?
    Mom breastfeeding baby
    Can I Take Claritin While Breastfeeding?
    Mother with a headache
    Can I Take Excedrin While Breastfeeding?
    baby crying breastfeeding
    How Parents Can Get Through a Baby's Nursing Strike
    Photo illustration of woman breastfeeding
    Why Is One of My Breasts Producing More Milk Than the Other?
    pregnant vaccine
    Can I Get the MMR Vaccine While Pregnant?
    Woman sick
    Can I Take Mucinex While Breastfeeding?
    Pregnant woman painting nursery
    Can I Paint While Pregnant?
    Pregnant woman lying on her back on the bed
    Can I Sleep On My Back While Pregnant?
    Father holding his newborn baby
    What Does the Name Lynn Mean?
    Pregnant woman lying on bed
    Can I Lie On My Stomach While Pregnant?
    Woman getting swabbed for DNA test
    Can I Get a DNA Test While Pregnant?
    postpartum exercise
    What Are the Signs of a Weak Pelvic Floor?
    Pregnant women looking through her clothes in the closet
    How Best to Style (or Hide!) a Baby Bump