Premature babies require special attention. It begins in the NICU and continues with you at home. Learn more about preemie care and their special health concerns.
Auscultation, Premature Baby
Who Works in the Neonatal Intensive Care? The NICU Staff Explained
Mom calming a crying baby in her arms
How to Calm a Fussy Preemie
Newborn Sleeping
How to Care for Your Premature Baby's Skin
Mother kissing newborn baby
Preemie Sleep-Wake States May Be Different From Full-Term Babies
mother holding baby
How to Take Care of Your Preemie Who Has an Apnea Monitor
Lonely young girl
How Vulnerable Child Syndrome Affects Families
Close up of premature baby's hand
The Difference Between Normal Movements and Seizures in Preemies
Health care worker leaning over incubator and holding tiny hand of a premature baby with gloved hands, low angle view.
Premature Babies Week by Week
Patients monitor in neonatal ICU
Want to Learn How to Do Some Basic NICU Math?
'Newborn premature baby girl, just two days old, resting on her mother's breast.'
When Can You Take Your Preemie Home?
Premature baby.
What Health Problems Do Micro Preemies Have?
premature baby
Very Premature Babies Can Have Many Short and Long-Term Health Problems
Mother playing with baby girl on exercise mat at home
Will Your Preemie Learn Walk at the Same Time as Other Babies?
Mother and son talking
When Will Your Preemie Learn to Talk?
Premature baby in car seat getting oxygen
Car Seat Safety for Premature Babies
Premature baby being bottlefed formula at hospital
What Kind of Formula Is Best for Premature Babies?
Breast pumping equipment.
How Often Should I Pump Breast Milk for My Preemie?
Breast Milk Storage Bottles for NICU baby
What You Need to Know About Donor Breast Milk for Preemies
Mother breastfeeding baby in living room
Herbs and Medications That Increase Breast Milk Production
Two preemies share a crib in the hospital.
Deciding Whether Multiples Should Sleep Together in the NICU
A premature baby in an incubator.
How Gastrostomy Tubes Help Preemies With Nutrition
A preemie sleeping in an incubator.
The Types of Preemies Who Need Level 2 Special Nursery Care
Attempting to bottle feed a preemie.
How to Manage Oral Aversion in Infants and Preemies
Man holding baby with a dog in his lap
Do Pets Increase the Risk of Allergies and Asthma in Preemies?
Three generations
Things to Do, Say, and Understand When Your Grandchild Is a Preemie
Twin babies sleeping next to each other
What to Know If You Have Twins Sleeping Together
Premature Twins
The Consequences of Twins Who Are Born Early
Can DHA Supplements Really Prevent Premature Babies Getting BPD?
Baby sitting up on floor
What Corrected Age Means for Preemies Developmental Milestones
Parents holding baby in NICU
The NICU Parent's Bill of Rights Protects Preemies and Their Families
Close up of African American premature baby
How Is Respiratory Support Implemented for Premature Babies in ICU?
Premature baby boy (0-3 months) in incubator, holding mother's thumb
Taking Care of Your Newborn Preemie's Needs at Home
Close up of sleeping newborn and kissing mother
Should Our Preemie Receive Early Intervention Services?
Premature baby in incubator in NICU
The Truth About What It's Like to Have a Preemie Baby
4lb and 5oz newborn baby in incubator
How Incubators Help Preemies Thrive After Birth
'Newborn premature baby girl, just two days old, resting on her mother's breast.'
Parents of Preemies: Your Guide from Birth to Hospital Discharge
A preemie with a nasal cannula.
Understanding the Use of Nasal Cannulas in Treating Premature Infants
Twins in the NICU.
Advice for Parents of Preemie Twins in the NICU
Preemie Baby
What Are Blood Gasses and Why Are They Important?
Mother feeding baby
Should You Feed Your Baby on a Schedule or On-Demand?
Mother holds premature infant
How NICU Care Is Different from Regular Newborn Care
Father taking care of his premature baby doing skin to skin at hospital
5 Truths All Preemie Parents Should Know
Premature Baby in NICU sleeps in his Isolette
What Does It Mean to Have a Preemie?
Female doctor examining newborn baby in incubator
Preemies Need to Meet Certain Milestones in the NICU Before Going Home
Newborn baby sleeping in incubator
The Pros and Cons of Catch-up Growth for Your Premature Baby
A couple with their new baby
Parents Can Let Visitors See Their Baby Safely After a NICU Discharge
premature baby feeding
Your Baby's Feeding Journey and Nutrition in the NICU
Top NICU Discharge Questions About Bathing Your Baby
Preemie mom holding preemie baby in NICU
Advice for New Preemie Parents From NICU Nurses
Premature Baby
The Benefits and Risks of When Your Baby Needs a PICC Line
Kangaroo holding is an important part of developmental care in the NICU.
The Power of Skin-to-Skin Touch for Premature Babies
Mother feeding her baby
When Should You Introduce Your Preemie to Solid Foods?
NICU Machine
Understanding Monitors and Vital Signs in the NICU
Parent holding a baby thermometer with a baby on a bed
Top 4 NICU Discharge Questions About Temperature
African American female nurse examining premature baby
Premature Babies Can Face Many Health Issues Depending on Age
Father feeding an infant a bottle
How to Feed Your Preemie After You Take Your Baby Home
mother bottle feeding her premature baby in the hospital nurseryview images from the same series:
Premature Baby Feeding Challenges and Solutions
Mother bottle feeding her preemie
Tips for Successfully Bottle Feeding a Preemie
Premature Baby in Incubator
Long-Term Effects of Babies Being Born Prematurely
Nurse tending to newborn in incubator
How Steroids Reduce Preterm Birth Complications