These 5 Postpartum Products Helped Me Power Through the Fourth Trimester

Dermoplast numbing spray was a godsend to help with sore skin and wound care

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While there are three trimesters in a pregnancy, the fourth trimester, the 12 weeks following delivery, was one I felt totally unprepared for. During my pregnancy, I spent a lot of time getting ready for my son’s arrival by looking for a crib, diapers, and other baby items without much thought to my recovery. The hospital supplied me with some postpartum care products, but it was up to me to finish the job once discharged. 

As part of postpartum recovery, you’ll experience postpartum bleeding that’s typically heaviest right after delivery (this much I knew). I planned to breastfeed but didn’t realize I’d have to deal with sore and painful nipples. Looking back, I wish I had prepared myself more, so I’m sharing my top five postpartum recovery items to add to your own (or your loved one’s) list.



To buy: Always Discreet Boutique Underwear, $21; (Small/Medium), (Large), (X-Large)

The Always Discreet Boutique Underwear features an absorbent core that turns liquids into gels within seconds for leak-free protection. I loved the soft material that felt like real underwear and came in pretty patterns to make me feel “normal” again. The unique odor-lock technology was an additional bonus to neutralize odors throughout the day.



To buy: Dermoplast Pain, Burn & Itch Relief Spray, $9;,

Dermoplast is a best seller for a good reason—it provides immediate pain relief after delivery. The no-touch spray soothed, cooled, and moisturized my skin thanks to ingredients like Benzocaine, aloe, lanolin, and menthol. After the fourth trimester was over, I still used it for sunburns, insect bites, scrapes, cuts, stings, and burns.



To buy: Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack, $15; and

These hot or cold gel packs relieve swelling, pain, and other breastfeeding discomforts. I preferred to store them in the freezer for immediate pain relief, but you can also pop them in the microwave for a warm-up. P.S. These paired well with the company’s hypoallergenic nipple cream for additional pain relief.



To buy: Medline Deluxe Perineal Cold Packs With Adhesive Strip, $42; 

These aren’t your typical postpartum pads—they double as ice packs. Fold them in half until the inner water bag ruptures, and shake until cold. The cool relief was a godsend after delivery, and I loved the adhesive strip to help keep the pads in place.



To buy: Golden Deer Peri Bottle, $8;

While the hospital sent me home with a peri bottle, it didn’t have a retractable nozzle with an angled neck like this option from Golden Deer. The water stream nozzle ensured easy cleaning and relief, while the 12-ounce capacity was just enough for multiple uses.

By Katrina Cossey
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