Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding

After you give birth to your baby you will bleed vaginally. This blood is coming from the site on your uterus where the placenta was attached and is now healing. It is called lochia. Using maxi pads and other absorbent materials will help catch the blood, but the products need to be weighed carefully to help prevent irritation on your skin and keep you comfortable.

Many moms are surprised to learn that you can't use tampons after having a baby, or that you bleed for longer than a typical period. That said, postpartum bleeding is particularly messy. You often have really heavy bleeding in the first few days that is heavier than even the heaviest period. So know that what you choose to use in the first days might be radically different in subsequent days. 


Poise pads were originally meant for urinary incontinence. Many new moms have found that when the bleeding is at its heaviest in the first few days of postpartum, these bigger, more absorbent pads do the trick. They also have such great coverage from front to back that they prevent leaks onto your underpants and night clothes. They are self-adhesive.


Always Overnight Protection pads come in very handy when your lochia is at its heaviest. The super-absorbent stay dry lining is amazing. But after a few days, some moms say they have to switch to another brand because it works so well that it dries the sensitive skin out. These are adhesive and just attach to your underwear. There are other sizes and "styles" available, including ones with wings.


100% organic cotton and yet disposable, make these pads a nice choice for those who want to be eco-friendly without washing their own pads. They are also plastic free, bleach free and perfume free. There are multiple sizes available both in terms of numbers of pads in a pack as well as the sizes of the pads in terms of flow.


These reusable cloth pads are great for after baby.  The soft cotton can help make your postpartum period easier on your skin.  They are built to protect you from accidents and keep your clothes clean. They also have charcoal inside to help with odor neutralization and staining.


Glad Rags offer cotton reusable overnight pads as well as pantyliners as well as other sizes of pads for menstrual and postpartum blood flow. These snap around your underwear to stay in place. You can get them in colors or undyed. This is great if your skin is really sensitive and having multiple sizes means that you can select the right size for your flow.


 You may have heard people talk about the super secret postpartum underwear. That would be these mesh panties. This is an upgrade from the hospital version in that they are seamless, but the concept is the same - breathable underwear that is close to disposable. You don't need to worry about bleeding on these. They can be rinsed out and reused or tossed. You can use these even if you have had a cesarean, because of the high waisted nature, it will not hit your cesarean incision.


If you really want to use disposable underwear - look no further. These are really meant to be one-time use underwear. Some mothers use them in addition to other protection, but they are designed to be a single line of defense for incontinence, but many postpartum women rave about them. They do come in multiple sizes.