Postpartum Abdominal Binders

Postpartum abdominal binders have been used for centuries after the birth of a baby.  The goal for this postpartum tool is to help a new mother feel more stable, be able to get around more easily and to improve her posture.  Recently moms have said that this has been a great way to help them get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.  It can be used for a vaginal or cesarean birth mom.  In fact, some hospitals are beginning to bind after birth.

The Belly Bandit is designed to help postpartum moms regain their waistline faster. The support in the first days after birth can be very comforting. I'm not sure my waist is in any better shape with the Belly Bandit after 8 weeks, but it was a good reminder of holding in my core muscles and maintaining my posture.

This soft, stretch polyester binder is designed for abdominal compression after childbirth.  It has a velcro closure and multiple sizes.  You can wear it above or below your clothing.  It can help you improve your posture and feel more stable after giving birth.

The Medela Postpartum Support is designed for abdominal binding after birth. It is made of Spandex. It has a non-bunching design with full front and rear support. You can wear it under your clothes and there are two sizes available (S/M, L/XL)

 The UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap claims that you'll lose inches off of your belly and waist after giving birth. (The good news is that everyone will!) This offers a triple layer of compression. It's made of lightweight fabric to help it breathe and is latex free. You can use this whether you have a vaginal birth or a cesarean. This comes in two sizes, S/M (belly measures 25-44") or L/XL (belly measures 45-53") - this should be your pre-delivery size - minus three to five inches. They suggest going with the smaller size if you are on the cusp.

The Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band is made up of a variety of materials including 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Bamboo Charcoal, 20% Rubber. This has multiple compression belts so that you can adjust the amount of compression that you get, targeting your abdomen, hips, and waist all at once. It also has bamboo charcoal which is meant to keep you cool. It also helps battle any odor or bacteria. The biggest promise is the fact that they say it won't ride up - this is something that has plagued many postpartum/maternity belts on the market. This is available in sizes XS to XXL. That's roughly US sizes 2-22. Designed to be washed by the owner and worn over and over - shrinking from washing is minimal.

 The Underworks Post Delivery Belt uses latex-free elastic for its belt. It offers three sizes, including S, M, and L. It offers a Velcro closure for its belt which gives it more room for you to wear it comfortably as your body shrinks. The abdomen is 100% cotton to keep you cool. Measure your waist after giving birth. Small-fits: 26-28-30-32-34-36 Medium-fits: 38-40-42-44-46 Large-fits: 48-50-52-54. This product is made in the USA.

A Few Things to Remember

Be careful with these products. Don't wear them too tight or too long. Use them as directed and talk to your doctor or midwife about their usage.

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