10 Popular Children's Books That Deal With the Topic of Shyness

Helping Your Child Understand Shyness

Children's books about shyness introduce the topic in a lighthearted way. Reading your child a book about a shy character is a good way to start talking about social fears. If your child is shy, fearful or socially anxious, this list of books may be of interest to you.


"Shy Charles" by Rosemary Wells is the story of a mouse whose parents try everything to help him overcome his shyness. One day, his babysitter becomes injured and he springs to action to save the day. After the incident, when his parents return, he becomes shy once again. The story is told with respect and understanding that there is no magical cure for shyness.


"Little Miss Shy" by Roger Hargreaves is the story of a shy young woman who receives an invitation to a party. Although she feels nervous at first, she manages to attend the party, make friends, and even meet someone new. This book is part of the "Little Miss" series.


"Buster the Very Shy Dog" by Lisze Bechtold includes three stories about a shy puppy searching for his strengths. In the first story, he tries to get used to a new household with bossy pets. In the second, he learns the value of his ability to listen, and in the third he builds confidence by helping to solve a mystery. This book is geared toward younger readers.


"The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek" by Evelyn Sibley Lampman is the story of a shy dinosaur discovered by two children named Joan and Joey. "George" becomes the kids' loyal friend and helps them in their schemes to earn money to support their mother's ranch.


"The Shy Creatures" is a storybook about a shy girl who would like to grow up to be a doctor. She helps creatures who appear intimidating but who are really just shy like her. The book is at some points written Dr. Seuss-style and includes illustrations by comic artist David Mack.


"Too Shy for Show-and-Tell (Little Boost)" by Beth Bracken tells the story of Sam, a quiet, shy giraffe who is scared to do his show-and-tell presentation for his class. The animal illustrations help tell the story through Sam's body language. This book is part of the Little Boost series.


 "Maya's Voice" by Wen-Wen Cheng is about a little girl who suffers from selective mutism when she starts school. This story is highly relatable to kids who also suffer from selective mutism or who are extremely shy.


"Chuck and Woodchuck" by Cece Bell is a fun story about how a woodchuck helps coordinate a friendship between two shy kids, Chuck and Caroline, who otherwise would never have talked to each other.  


 "Shybug" by Kevin Ann Planchet tells the story of Emmie, an imaginative little girl who has big adventures all by herself because she's shy. When a new little girl moves into her neighborhood, Emmie has to decide if she can overcome her shyness enough to make a friend.


"I CAN Believe in Myself" by Miriam Laundry is a story about Molly, who is chosen by her teacher to be the Star-of-the-Day. The problem? Molly is so shy, she doesn't want to be the center of attention and she doesn't want to have to talk in front of her whole class.  


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