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One of the all-time, most popular children's television programs to come out of Disney Animation Studios and the first original program for the programming block and channel for preschoolers Disney Junior, Jake and the Never Land Pirates follows three children pirates who are always looking for treasure in Never Land. Standing in their way are two familiar nemeses—Captain Hook and Mr. Smee—and one ally of sorts, Tick-Tock the Crocodile—all from the animated classic, Peter Pan. While the show is loosely based on Peter Pan, the cast is different.

In the fourth season, the show was renamed to Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, following the events of the third season finale. 

The show has had many guest stars lending their voices, including Ariel Winter as Marina the Mermaid, Tori Spelling as the Pirate Princess, Lisa Loeb as Winger, Adam West as Wise Old Parrot, Josh Duhamel as Captain Flynn, Sharon Osbourne as Mama Hook, Tiffani Thiessen as Misty the Wonderful Witch, Jane Kaczmarek as Red Jessica, Rhys Darby as Percy the Penguin, Teri Hatcher as Beatrice Le Beak, Jerry O'Connell as Pip the Pirate Genie, Rosie O'Donnell as the Bouncing Bumble Queen, Jack McBrayer as the Pirate Mummy, and Melissa Rauch as First Mate Mollie. 

Here are the main characters from Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

(Some character guides courtesy of Disney.)


Bones from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Bones is a member of Captain Hook's crew. When Bones is animated, he's voiced by Jeff Bennett who also provides the voice for Sharky, another crew member. When Bones is part of the Never Land Pirate Band, the role is played by Kevin Hendrickson. Animated Bones, along with Sharky often pop up throughout the show to sing pirate ditties.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Corey Burton voices the role of Captain James B. Hook, a role he has played for over 40 years. The not-so-good captain helms the Jolly Roger and is not nice to anyone really, whether it is Jake and his young crew, as well as his own men.


Cubby from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Cubby, the youngest and the most timid of the crew, is voiced by Jonathan Morgan Heit. With his special map of Never Land, he is an important member, whether he realizes it or not. While Cubby looks like an original member of the Lost Boys (Cubby in the Disney version, Curly elsewhere) they are not the same.


Izzy from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Madison Pettis voices the role of Izzy, a bright and creative kid pirate. Her special "pirate possession" is Pixie Dust, which her Never Land fairy-friend Tinker Bell has entrusted her with (and they only use the dust in case of emergencies). The only girl pirate in the group, she is known for saying, "Yay Hey, No Way!"


Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Originally voiced by Colin Ford, Jake is the leader of the crew. His prized possessions include his wooden sword (which was given to him by Peter Pan) and a spyglass. His chief rival is Captain Hook, and despite being smaller and younger, Jake outsmarts the captain every time. Starting in season two, Cameron Boyce took over voice duties for Jake/ In season three, Sean Ryan Fox was the lead pirate and in season four, Riley Thomas Stewart serves as Jake.

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Jeff Bennett voices the role of Mr. Smee, Captain Hook's bumbling and fumbling loyal sidekick (and Hook crew member Bones). Bennett has voiced the role of Mr. Smee for nearly 20 years. Despite being partnered up with Captain Hook, one gets the impression that Mr. Smee is not so bad—offering a humorous point of view to pirating.


Sharky from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

Sharky is a complex character on the show. Part of the animated duo "Sharky and Bones" with his partner Bones, he spends his time musically commenting on the action, much like a Greek chorus. Sharky is also part of The Never Land Pirate Band, live-action pirate rock music videos featured at the end of each episode. Featured songs include "Hot Lava," "Roll up the Map," and "Talk Like a Pirate." Loren Hoskins is both the animated and real-life pirate rockers.


Skully from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

David Arquette voices the role of Skully, the small, green parrot lookout who helps Jake and crew foil Captain Hook's plans. Although he wears a patch over one eye, Skully is the best lookout a pirate ever had.


Croc from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Disney Channel

He's back! It seems like Captain Hook will never get rid of the crocodile that ate his hand after his epic battle with Peter Pan. If that wasn't enough, the reptile also swallowed an alarm clock, so wherever he goes, all you hear is the ominous tick tock.

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