Popular Characters from Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppie Characters and the Social Skills They Teach

Is your preschooler ready for an underwater adventure? The Bubble Guppies series from Nickelodeon takes a look at a fictional under-the-sea preschool and its adorable, aquatic students. The animated show focuses on things preschoolers like, including dinosaurs, music, recycling and more. There are sing-along songs for your preschooler to move and groove to, and within each story, lessons in math, pre-reading, science, the arts, and the environment.

These characters are not only entertaining but teach your child important social skills. For example, are you trying to raise an empathic child—one who can see and respond to the needs of others? Or, perhaps you just want your child to know that people come with all personality types and they are all equally important.

There are six guppies: Gil, Molly, Deema, Nonny, Oona, and Goby; their teacher, Mr. Grouper; their pet Bubble Puppy and the Little Fish, the guides in this world. Let's look at the personality styles and social attributes of these darling characters.

Bubble Puppy

Bubble Guppies - Bubble Puppy
Bubble Puppy is all dog, always ready to be a part of everything. Nickelodeon

Although he's got a fish tail, Bubble Puppy is definitely all dog. He loves popping bubbles best, but anytime the Bubble Guppies are up for some fun (especially Gil), Bubble Puppy is front and center, a big part of the action.

Bubble Puppy is a model of optimism and cheer, something common in our preschoolers. This guy might be a good model not just for our young ones, but for parents who have lost some of their daily enthusiasm for life amidst the busyness.


Bubble Guppies - Deema
The Bubble Guppy Deema is a larger than life character. Nickelodeon

If there is a must-watch Bubble Guppy, Deema would be your mermaid! With a larger-than-life personality (and hair to match), Deema always wants to be the center of attention. This means she does lots of funny things to capture the interest of whoever she is with, whether she sings in a funny voice, imagines situations or dances.

Her voice is provided by Angelina Wahler. 


Bubble Guppies - Gil
The Bubble Guppy Gil is funny and curious. Nickelodeon

Gil is the co-host of Bubble Guppies. He is high-energy, curious and gets involved with whatever he sees in front of him. The funniest of the group, his best friend is Molly.

Gil is a great example of how humor can lighten almost any situation. He also reinforces the innate curiosity so common in our preschoolers.

He is voiced by Zachary Gordon from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. 


Bubble Guppies - Goby
Gobi is a creative and artistic Bubble Guppy. Nickelodeon

Goby's got a big imagination, consequently, he's creative and artistic. He loves to dress up and come up with outdoor adventures for his friends to act out. 

When contrasted with some of the other characters, Gill teaches our kids that the world needs all types, the dreamers, the doers, the behind the scene types, and the on-stage actors.

Goby is voiced by Jelani Imani. 

Little Fish

Bubble Guppies - Little Fish
The LIttle Fish in Bubby Guppies provide the answers. Nickelodeon

These fish have all the answers. If one of the Guppies asks a question, it is the Little Fish who pipe in with the right response. They follow the group around, serving as a helpful guide to the viewers at home.

The Little Fish are voiced by Skai Jackson.


Bubble Guppies - Molly
Molly is a very smart Bubble Guppy. Nickelodeon

Molly is the other Bubble Guppies co-host and this mermaid does it all! She's a great singer, and usually takes the lead on all the songs. Very, very smart, she has a lot of friends. 

Molly is a great reminder to our kids that you can be both smart and popular.

She is voiced by Brianna Gentilella.

Mr. Grouper

Bubble Guppies - Mr. Grouper
Mr. Grouper is an encouraging and loving preschool teacher. Nickelodeon

Mr. Grouper is the preschool teacher who is adored by the Bubble Guppies. Super-smart, like any good preschool teacher, he loves his students and is always looking for ways to encourage their intelligence and creativity.

If your preschoolers hold any fear about starting school, Mr. Grouper may help ease some of those fears.

He is voiced by Tino Insana.


Bubble Guppies - Nonny
Nonny is a shy Bubble Guppy who tends to worry. Nickelodeon

Best word to describe Nonny? Worried. A lot more cautious than the other guppies, Nonny would rather talk about what is going on than actually do it. He is very smart and physical activities (like basketball) make him shy.

If your child is shy, she may find comfort in watching Nonny, and realize that being a worrier, or being shy, are normal personality traits.

He is voiced by Eamon Pirruccello. 


Bubble Guppies - Oona
Bubble Guppies - Oona. Nickelodeon

They don't get much sweeter than Oona, the most empathetic of the group. Oona is the one most likely to jump in and help someone who is sick or sad. She is super-aware of the feelings of others and can always be counted on.

The example of empathy shown by Oona may be the most important social skill depicted in this series. Empathy, or the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes, is a key component of emotional intelligence (EIQ). Teaching empathy to your children helps prevent bullying.

Not only does a sense of empathy often lead to better relational skills, we're learning that emotional intelligence is even more important than intellectual IQ when it comes to job success. Learn more about how to nurture empathy in your kids.

She is voiced by Reyna Shaskan.

Bottom Line on Bubble Guppie Characters

As a whole, the Bubble Guppie characters exhibit a wide range of social attributes. Whether your child is shy or outgoing, there's probably a Bubble Guppy character they can identify with. And all children can benefit from observing Oona's empathy. All in all, the Bubble Guppy characters represent the wide array of personality types and how these diverse characteristics of humans are not only normal but necessary in a group of people.

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