Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls

As your daughter begins to change and develop, hygiene takes a priority. Here's what she should know about personal hygiene, menstruation, and all the other changes of puberty.


Personal Hygiene

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Knowing the basics of personal hygiene is the first step every preteen must make. Help your preteen establish a routine, and show her the proper way to care for her skin. Make it fun with girly body wash or shampoo, and fun soaps in different colors.


Know the Signs of Puberty

Knowing when your child is about to enter puberty can help you prepare her for the changes. There are many changes you can expect while your child enters the wonderful world of adolescence.


Girls and Shaving

Personal hygiene for girls includes understanding how to shave and when to shave. It takes a while to learn how to shave safely, so show your daughter how to hold a razor, keep the blade clean, and prepare the skin with foam or shaving gel.


Tampons or Pads?

Understanding the difference between tampons and pads is something every girl should know. Your daughter's personal hygiene depends on knowing how to use the products safely.


Understanding Acne

Even when you practice good personal hygiene, there are obstacles. Acne is a part of growing up, but that doesn't mean your child doesn't have any say in the matter. You can help your preteen by understanding how acne starts, and how to treat it.


Understanding Early Puberty

If puberty hits before the age of 8, your daughter could be experiencing precocious puberty. Here's what you should know to help her adjust.

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