Paul Mindemann, Nerf Expert

Paul Mindemann


Paul Mindemann was the founder and former editor of the world's most-read website for Nerf enthusiasts: A full-time copywriter and a parent of twin girls, Paul enjoys researching, testing, and sharing stories about toys that encourage active play--especially of the dart-shooting variety!


While running the day-to-day operations of a small web development company, Paul was inspired to create a website dedicated to a topic he's been passionate about for over 25 years (since his days playing the original Worlds-of-Wonder Lazer Tag in the woods with friends to backyard battles with Entertech water guns): toy blasters! Paul recruited a small group of friends to help create and maintain a new type of Nerf-related website that would be designed from the outset to take a more rigorous approach to blaster testing and analysis. They named the site "Blaster Labs," and it wasn't long before members of the Nerf Internet Community (NIC) took notice and began frequenting the site to learn how all the newly released blasters performed.

Fans weren't the only ones to notice the professionalism and in-depth reporting of the new Nerf site, and within the first year of Blaster Labs being launched, Paul had established relationships with more than a dozen different toy blaster companies to test their products and attend trade shows to see what items were coming next. Some of these companies also sought Paul's advice on how to make their products better, and a number of products on store shelves today reflect that input. 

In less than 2 year's time with Blaster Labs, Paul added over 250 blaster samples to his collection, published nearly 300 blaster-related articles, attended several toy-related trade shows, and visited numerous manufacturers to meet with the people that design, build, and market the blasters he wrote about. In this same period, Blaster Labs experienced unprecedented growth, with nearly 250 million page views and well over half a million unique visitors from fans in more than 200 countries. 

Having successfully reached the more hard-core Nerf enthusiasts across the globe through Blaster Labs, Paul decided to retire the site in late 2015 to help launch a new site that had the potential to reach an even broader audience--one that included parents, kids, and enthusiasts alike. This new site is the unique and exciting Nerf channel at It's here that manufacturers reveal new products, share official information, and provide product samples for review. And it's here that Paul will continue to spread the word about Nerf, BOOMco, X-Shot, Dart Zone, K-Force, Air Warriors, and other blaster brands, and it's here that he'll further encourage active play among blaster fans, young and old! 


Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Communications at Penn State, where he specialized in Advertising and Public Relations. 

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