Technology for Kids

In today's high-tech world, learn how to be aware of how much technology is safe for kids, what content is appropriate, and how to keep them safe online.
teens lip-syncing TikTok
Everything You Need to Know About TikTok
parents busy on smartphones while young child waits for attention
Parenting Unplugged: Limiting Technology and Focusing on Parenting
Family waving at iPad
Positively Influence Your Child's Screen Use With Your Actions
homework - father and children using computer for homework
Why Kids Who Watch Too Much TV Wind up Doing Less Homework
young girl watching online video
What Every Parent Needs to Know About Elsagate
Dad upset with teen over smartphone
How to Handle Finding Disturbing Content on Your Teen's Phone
young man on the computer
How to Teach Your Kids to Be Digitally Literate
Teen girls taking selfie
Why Every Parent Needs to Know About Snapchat
Grand Opening Of National Museum Of American History's Innovation Wing
Educational Sites That Will Teach Your Kids Something New Today
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Grandparents Find Support in Online Communities
illustration of young girl in front of laptop experiencing distress from cyberbullying
Learn to Recognize the Real-Life Effects of Cyberbullying on Children
preteen girls dealing with cyberbullying
8 Reasons Why Cyberbullies Lash Out at Others
kids' TV content rating - girls watching TV
A Study Highlights Why Parents Shouldn't Count on TV Ratings for Kids
Two teens looking at a cellphone
9 Signs You Should Restrict Your Teen's Smartphone Privileges
Dad with cell phone and kids
Why Too Much Cell Phone Usage Can Hurt Your Family Relationships
Young boy looking at digital tablet
Junk Food Marketers Are Targeting Kids on Digital Media
young women using phone communicating with friends
6 Things Every Teen Needs to Know About Sexting
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How Social Media Is Negatively Impacting Your Teen's Friendships
Violent video games can influence the way your child behaves.
Are Your Child's Video Games Too Violent?
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5 Things Your Kids Miss out When Connected to a Screen
shocked mother looking at upset daughter's cell phone
9 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Respond to Cyberbullying
Two girls on a bed looking at their phones
What Is Sexting and Why Is It a Problem?
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7 Best Science Websites for Kids
Mom and daughter looking at tablet in the kitchen
5 Things Every Kid Needs to Know About Online Communication
A picture of a mother kissing her baby and uploading something on social media
9 Ways Social Media Has Affected the Way We Parent
Young boy using digital tablet in bed
How a Digital Detox Could Improve Your Child's Behavior Problems
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5 Online Dictionaries and Encyclopedias for Kids
Digital Vision
Why You Should Limit Your Child's Exposure to Technology
abcmouse screenshot Is a Great Educational Website for Preschoolers
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4 Safe Email Address Options for Your Kids
Upset teen on smartphone
Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied?
Teenage boy using smartphone at home
OMG! 100+ Common Text and Social Media Acronyms Decoded
Students on technology
Technology and the Future of Well-Being
boys play handheld video game
Are Violent Video Games Training Kids to Think and Act Aggressively?
Create clear rules for your teen's cellphone use.
10 Rules for Your Teen's Smartphones, Video Games, and Computers
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AAP's Guidelines for Screentime Viewing for Children
kids' TV content rating - girls watching TV
6 Strategies for Limiting TV Time
a woman tying a bow on a beautifully wrapped gift
The Best Resources for Making Free Online Wish Lists
Child checking the laptop
How Subtweeting Tactics Are Used to Cyberbully Under the Radar
Young girl in bedroom using laptop with headphones
How Parents Can Children Safe on Social Media
Father folding laundry near children playing with toy train and wood blocks
5 Top Online Communication Tools for Co-Parents
Young boy with a cell phone
Is Your Child Ready to Have a Cell Phone of Their Own?
Bones from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Preschoolers Love These Characters on Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Kid playing with a tablet.
Are Electronic Devices Taking Over Our Kids' Lives?
teen girl on smartphone with laptop in front
How Teens Use Instagram to Troll Others
Princess Presto is a character on Super Why! on PBS KIDS.
How Super Why! Characters Help Build Reading Skills
Bubble Guppies - Gil
Do You Know These Bubble Guppies Characters?
Best Tablets for Kids
The 5 Best Tablets for Kids of 2021
Young boy sitting alone watching TV
Cutting Down Screen Time Means Better Health and Grades for Kids
Four children grasping hands.
Parents Can Limit Their Kids' Exposure to Violence or Mature Content
Learn the Warning Signs of Catfishing to Prevent Being Cyberbullied
The 7 Best Online Typing Tutoring Services of 2021
Teen with laptop
Tech-Savvy Bullies Find Ways to Exploit Technology
Shocked 12 year old on computer unsupervised
Have You Set Up Parental Controls for Your Child's Internet Access?
Father and daughter using tablet in kitchen
Kid-Friendly and Safe Web Browsers
Close up preschool girl with stylus drawing on digital tablet
What Digital Parents Need to Know
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Free Phones and Phone Service for Low-Income Families
Man listening to podcast
Top 10 Podcasts That Dads Would Love and Listen To
Boy using top laptop
The 7 Best Toy Laptops for Kids in 2021