Parenting Challenges

Parenting brings unique challenges every day. All parents face and overcome them. Find expert advice for coping with daily demands, questions, and more.
Little girl carrying a moving box holding a lamp and plant.
How to Help Kids Transition When Moving to a New Home
Mother having talk with daughter on rug
How to Have a Sex Positive Talk With Your Kids
baby feeding bottle
Is Bottle Propping Safe for Babies?
girl and parents with a therapist
7 Tips for Supporting Your Child When They Are in Therapy
fearful teenage girl
How to Help Kids Cope With a Fear of Change
A pile of children's clothing.
Everything You Need to Know About Buying Secondhand Baby Items
frustrated mom and upset teen on laptop
Why Guilting Your Kids Can Backfire
Toddler looking out airplane window
How to Travel With a Toddler on a Plane
Tired child on a bed looking at a tablet
7 Tips to Help You Share Photos of Your Child Safely on Social Media
working mom with kids in background
6 Ways to Balance Work and Parenting
Little boy in a hat on the beach getting sunscreen put on his face.
7 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen
Woman in a striped yellow shirt talking to a little boy on the couch.
Is It Ever Okay to Lie to Your Kids?
Mother helping son with homework
What Is Tiger Parenting?
Mother and daughter embracing
What Is Gentle Parenting?
mother, father and kids on the way to work
Tips for Going Back to Work After the Pandemic
Man and woman dancing by the water
4 Ways To Focus On Your Relationship When the Kids Keep You Busy
An angry brother and sister facing away from each other with arms crossed
What to Do if Your Kids Just Don't Get Along
A teenage girl asleep in her bed
How to Address Sleep Issues for Older Kids
Sad woman sitting on the couch holding a pillow.
How I Overcame Postpartum OCD and Intrusive Thoughts
10 Binge-Worthy Postpartum TV Shows
Debi Yadegari and family
How CEO & Villyge Founder Debi Yadegari Balances Career and Her Five Kids
mature parents looking thoughtful
How to Cope With Empty Nest Syndrome
Family with new baby
What Parents Need to Know About Life Insurance
Toddler Being Comforted
How to Soothe Your Toddler's Fears
Adult kid speaking with parent
What to Do When Your Kids Say, "OK, Boomer!"
father and son playing video games
Parent or Friend? Where to Draw the Line
BIPOC man playing with his kid.
Protecting Your Posture: What Parents Need to Know
Mother hugging child with Down syndrome
Speech Therapy For Children With Down Syndrome
A couple in a fight.
Helping Kids Cope With Divorce During COVID-19
Spot illustration of mother at work
How to Talk to Your Boss About Parenting Challenges
Girl with iPad
How to Talk to Kids About Pornography
dating tips teens
What Your Teen Needs to Know About Dating Safely
teen girl upset looking at smartphone
What Teens and Parents Need to Know About Digital Abuse
Sad tween girl in quarantine, looking out her bedroom window
Signs of Depression in Children During COVID-19
Mother and teenage daughter smiling and talking at home
How to Talk to Your Teen
mental health effects of family separation
Mental Health Effects on Separated Families
Parent working from home with child behind them
How to Switch Gears From Work Mode to Parent Mode
Shot of an affectionate middle aged man kissing his wife on her forehead while relaxing on their bed at home.
How Long After Pregnancy Can You Have Sex?
how to talk to kids about sex
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
young girl being yelled at by mom
How to Know if You're Gaslighting Your Kids and How to Stop
Young Asian single mother embracing cute little daughter on lap, they are sitting outdoor by the pier in deep thought
What to Do If You Struggle With the Anxiety of Planning
A woman working from home wants help with childcare.
How to Ask for Help With the Kids (Even When It’s Hard to Do)
mom and kids
How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism
mother and baby
What to Do When You Don't Love Motherhood Right Away
family with new baby
How You Change as a Parent With Each New Child
mom, dad and baby
How Having a Baby Affects Your Relationship With Your Partner
siblings hugging backs to camera
How Sibling Relationships Can Impact Bullying
What will the holidays look like in COVID-19?
How Can You Celebrate Holidays During COVID-19?
mom with three daughters
Are You a Different Parent to Each Child?
mixed race couple with children
Do Parents Really Have a Favorite Child?
Black mommy bloggers to follow
10 Black Mommy Bloggers You're Going to Want to Follow
Father and daughter wearing robot costumes at home
Ways to Encourage and Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness
Mother at grocery store getting unsolicited post-pregnancy advice
How to Handle Unsolicited Baby Advice
Mom sitting on bench with baby in stroller
7 Ways New Moms Can Fight Loneliness
supporting creativity
Nourish Your Child's Creative Spirit
Build stronger bonds in your blended family.
How to Foster Strong Bonds in Stepfamilies
working mother greeting children
Can You Find Balance as a Working Mom?
Cutting family ties is stressful.
How to Cut Ties With a Family Member
Communicating With Your Nonverbal Child
Parents need to practice self-care.
15 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Parents