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    Parenting brings both joy and challenges. Discover ways to create more happiness in your family and overcome common daily challenges at home and in school.
    Jessica Alba and her family
    Jessica Alba Back to School Interview
    Woman helping kids with a mixer in the kitchen
    What Is the Difference Between a Nanny and a Babysitter?
    Boy on tablet
    Ask Dr. Mom: How Much Screen Time Should I Allow My Child?
    Young boy with a backpack walking in the woods.
    How to Take a Nature Walk with Kids
    Tania Boler
    How Elvie Creator Tania Boler Is Changing the Perception of Pumping
    Megan Roup and her family
    How Sculpt Society Founder Megan Roup Works Out with an Infant
    Woman and child do tie-dye at a table outside. There are tie-dye pieces drying behind them and a dog next to the table.
    Tie-Dye Is the Summer Craft Activity to Do With Your Kids
    Sister and brother watching TV and playing with a firetruck on the couch.
    The 12 Best Toddler Shows to Stream
    John Petersen and his daughter Riley Kinnane-Petersen
    How Dad and Daughter Duo Gunner & Lux Balance Work and Family
    Katya Libin, Hey Mama co-founder, and her daughter
    7 AM to 7 PM: How Katya Libin Runs HeyMama While Co-Parenting
    Phnewfula Frederiksen and her family
    7AM to 7PM: How Happy Mango owner Phnewfula Frederiksen Gets It Done
    A mother takes a video of a baby with a smartphone. The baby is laying on a green blanket and is wearing a white onesie. There are toys scattered around.
    10 Parents to Follow on TikTok
    Malin Akerman
    Q&A with actress Malin Akerman on raising her son in Hollywood
    Ashley Tisdale posing on a couch
    Ashley Tisdale Is Not Breastfeeding Her Infant & She Wants You To Know
    upset teen looking at smartphone
    How to Protect Your Kids From Cyberstalking
    Siblings watching a movie while eating popcorn
    15 Movies Perfect for Family Movie Time
    Jennie Monness and family
    Mo'Mommies' Jennie Monness on sensory play, screen time and date night
    Hannah Bronfman and family
    Hannah Bronfman Shares Her Fertility Journey and Parenting Advice
    Camille Tokerud / Getty Images
    10 Inspiring Dad Influencers to Follow on Instagram
    Ariel Foxman and family
    7AM to 7PM: How Ariel Foxman Is Speaking to The Nontraditional Family
    How Jillian Lorenz, Founder of The Barre Code, Works Out With 4 Kids
    A couple at a Pride event
    10 LGBTQ+ Parent Influencers You Should Be Following Right Now
    Debi Yadegari and family
    How CEO & Villyge Founder Debi Yadegari Balances Career and Her 5 Kids
    Chriselle Lim
    7 AM to 7 PM: How Chriselle Lim Balances Running a Business With Motherhood
    Hispanic mother and daughter watching television
    10 Latina Mommy Bloggers You Must Follow
    Mother on sofa with her toddler perched on her legs
    10 Asian American Parent Bloggers to Follow
    Outdoor play improves happiness in kids.
    10 Parenting Strategies for Raising Happy Kids
    Students on technology
    Technology and the Future of Well-Being
    student using laptop
    What Every Parent Needs to Know About Data Mining
    An open infant passport
    What You Need to Know About Traveling Abroad With an Infant
    college student
    Help Your College Freshman Transition From High School to College
     Couple walking in residential neighborhood
    Best Life Insurance Companies of 2021
    Rear view of family walking in park
    Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2021
    Play therapist often provide art supplies.
    Could My Child Benefit From Play Therapy?
    Father and son
    How You Can Tell If Your Child Has Psychopathy
    Children grieve differently than adults.
    How to Recognize When Your Child Is Struggling With Grief
    Girl with iPad
    How to Talk to Kids About Pornography
    Sad teen in room.
    What The Pandemic Is Doing to Children's Emotional Health
    Healthy Snacks for Kids
    The 9 Best Healthy Snacks for Kids of 2021, According to a Dietitian
    Caring young Asian father holding hands of his little daughter and assisting her to walk along a tree trunk outdoor on a sunny day
    Best Whole Life Insurance Companies of 2021
    Photo composite of a young child digging into a plate of food.
    The Best Kids Meal Delivery Services in 2021
    Shot of a young man going over his finances at home
    The 7 Best Online Will Makers of 2021
    pregnant woman meditating
    How to Use Mindful Childbirth and Parenting
    Photo composite of a man holding a child on his shoulders laughing
    The 7 Best Online Parenting Classes of 2021
    Family on couch looking at phone
    The 6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Parents in 2021
    Family with children playing
    The 6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Children in 2021
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    The 9 Best Baby Subscription Boxes of 2021
    Girl pouring pancake batter in frying pan, with mother
    Best Kids Cooking Subscription Boxes of 2021
    BIPOC man playing with his kid.
    Protecting Your Posture: What Parents Need to Know
    A woman working from home wants help with childcare.
    How to Ask for Help With the Kids (Even When It’s Hard to Do)
    Young Asian single mother embracing cute little daughter on lap, they are sitting outdoor by the pier in deep thought
    What to Do If You Struggle With the Anxiety of Planning
    siblings in a pile
    Parenting Kids With Different Personalities
    mom with three daughters
    Are You a Different Parent to Each Child?
    A big family is expensive.
    Want a Big Family? Here's How Much It Really Costs to Raise 5 Kids
    mixed race couple with children
    Do Parents Really Have a Favorite Child?
    Group of 7 Year Old Footballers Playing in Family Backyard
    Tips for Managing Afterschool Activities in a Big Family
    Teach kids to do chores on their own.
    How to Teach Your Kids to Be More Independent
    A sad girl with her mom and sister in the background
    Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty for Having a Favorite Child
    big family
    How Having Five (or More) Kids Changes Your Parenting
    Older brother helping baby sister to walk
    How to Teach Older Children to be Role Models