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There are many reasons to seek out couples therapy, from issues with communication, infidelity, and repetitive conflict to differences in your ideas about money or parenting. Couples therapy can even help prevent or lessen future problems in your relationship by keeping small problems from growing into bigger ones. It’s appropriate for partners, engaged couples, married couples, or even people who are considering ending a relationship. It can even be valuable to couples seeking to resolve conflicts during the process of divorce.

Online couples counseling can be a great resource for couples struggling to access in-person therapy. The best online couples counseling should provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which you and your partner can discuss the most important issues you’re facing. When your relationship is on the line, you want to be sure you're putting it into good hands, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right fit. We’ve done some of the work to get you on the way toimproving your relationship by surveying 105 users of online therapy companies that offer couples therapy, as well as 180 users at 25 different directories. We then researched the highest rated ones to come up with our picks for the best online couples counseling services.

Best Online Couples Counseling of 2023

Why Trust Us
Companies reviewed
Total users surveyed
Data points analyzed
We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

When choosing an online therapy provider, we recommend that you read the company’s privacy guidelines before you sign up to better understand whether it is HIPAA-compliant and whether it shares any private information with third parties. There have been some concerns raised by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and several government officials about what user health information online therapy providers collect and what they do with any information they collect.

Best Overall : ReGain

  • Price: $240-$360+ per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It 

ReGain offers a large pool of 12,000 couples therapists across 50 states. The variety of clinicians and ease with which you can switch therapists increases the possibility that you’ll find a great fit.

Pros & Cons
  • Focuses exclusively on couples

  • Includes both live video and messaging

  • Easy to switch therapists

  • Short session times

  • You can’t pick your own therapist

  • You need to sign up to see final fees


As a platform exclusively devoted to relationship therapy, ReGain makes finding a couples therapist you resonate with easier than ever. All therapy at ReGain is relationship focused, even though both couples and individuals can use the platform. Individual relationship counseling is great for those whose partners are reluctant to come, who are privately considering a divorce, or who wish to work on healing unhealthy relating patterns on their own.

ReGain is a fast, convenient, and flexible way to start therapy quickly without letting the search process overwhelm you. It assigns you a counselor based on a questionnaire that takes all of 10 minutes to complete, and you should receive your match within 48 hours. If you don’t like your therapist, you can easily switch. It's also convenient that couples can join therapy sessions from different locations.

Therapy with ReGain occurs via 30- to 45-minute live video sessions, plus messaging 24/7 in between sessions (it’s not clear what the typical response time is). You’ll also have access to worksheets and articles to help enhance your healing between sessions.

Fees are $240–$600 per month and vary according to location, therapist qualifications, and the number of available therapists. ReGain doesn’t accept insurance.

User Satisfaction

In our survey, users were largely satisfied with their therapists at ReGain:

  • 80% said their therapist satisfied all or most of their needs, compared to a 77% average across all 55 companies we reviewed 
  • 49% said they’d still be seeing their therapist in six months, compared to a 42% average
  • 88% would rate their therapist’s qualifications as generally positive, compared to an 84% average

Best for Budget : Wellnite

  • Price: $95 per month (charged bi-weekly) for medication management only; $450 per month for regular therapy sessions; $245 per month for medication management and 1-2 monthly therapy
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Individual Therapy, Medication Management
Why We Chose It

Wellnite provides some of the most affordable couples therapy services available, and lets you choose your own therapist.

Pros & Cons
  • One of the most affordable options

  • You can select your therapist

  • Has an option for six sessions per month

  • Primarily uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Limited insurance accepted

  • User experience is average


Wellnite is an accessible option for couples on a budget. With counseling costs way above many people's means, it fills an important gap in the market for affordable quality care. That said, the most affordable package includes only one therapy visit, plus psychiatric visits for those needing medication. For stand-alone therapy, prices remain steep unless you purchase a package and pay annually or bi-annually.

Wellnite’s couples counseling services aren’t described in much detail on the website. As it's a service known for helping people with mild cases of anxiety or depression,  you should expect Wellnite providers to treat relatively benign issues rather than more deeply rooted ones. However, you can get up to six 30-minute sessions in a month, which means more time to work on issues with your partner than with most other services.

It’s worth noting that Wellnite primarily offers CBT-based therapy. While this is an effective treatment method, it would be better to have therapists trained in a variety of modalities.

Wellnite offers therapy, doctor visits/medication management, and a combination of the two.

The stand-alone therapy plan—the most likely option for couples—is $450 per month if charged monthly, $360 per month if charged bi-annually, or $293 per month if charged annually. It includes six 30-minute live video sessions, four 45-minute sessions, or three 60-minute sessions within a month period.

User Satisfaction

Wellnite gets solid user reviews, and while it’s not the most highly rated service in our user survey, that’s to be expected at its price point:

  • 80% of users rated it positively, compared to an 84% average
  • 75% said most or all of their needs were met, compared to a 77% average
  • 81% rated their therapist’s qualifications positively, compared to an 84% average

Best for Considering Divorce : Calmerry

  • Price: $167 for a monthly subscription (Messaging only); $207 for a monthly subscription (Messaging plus one video chat per month); $269 for a monthly subscription (Messaging plus four video chats per month)
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No. Can provide superbill for reimbursement
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

Calmerry offers individual therapy with a relationship focus, which can be beneficial for making big decisions about relationships, like whether to stay together. It's also affordable and offers a first-month discount.

Pros & Cons
  • Offers audio, text, and video bundles

  • First month is discounted

  • Affordable, depending on subscription

  • Live sessions are short at only 30 minutes

  • Couples can’t attend together

  • Misleading website


Couples counseling doesn’t always require two partners to attend the same sessions. Spouses or partners who are deciding whether to stay together or not  may actually prefer to have individual therapy sessions to help them get to the bottom of their true feelings on such life-changing decisions.. In these cases, Calmerry may be a good choice to help you gain clarity.. 

Calmerry lists relationship counseling on the website, but only offers individual therapy. Even if it means solo relationship counseling, we’d  like to see Calmerry address this somewhat confusing offering , as it's misleading to therapy-seekers who may be looking for more traditional couples therapy.

Still, Calmerry does well in terms of user satisfaction, and clinicians can treat a range of issues, from relationship problems to emotional abuse to self-esteem. It also has affordable subscription options, offers a first-month discount, and has the option for text therapy, which is helpful if maintaining privacy in the home is an issue.

Calmerry has three subscription plans that you can only see pricing for once you begin signing up. The first month is discounted.

  • Messaging Plan is $168 for the first month and then goes up to $228 per month. It includes unlimited messaging with a licensed therapist for five days a week. 
  • Messaging + One Live Video Plan is $208 for the first month and then goes up to $300 per month. It includes unlimited messaging and one live 30-minute session each week. 
  • Messaging + Four Live Videos Plan is $270 for the first month and then goes up to $360. It comes with unlimited messaging, four live 30-minute sessions each week, and a customized therapy plan.
User Satisfaction

Despite the lack of clarity on the website, Calmerry had a solid performance in our user survey.

  • 86% of users rated it positively overall, compared to an 84% average
  • 83% said their providers met most or all of their needs, compared to a 77% average
  • 85% rated therapist qualifications as generally positive, compared to an 84% average.

That said, only 7% of users said they received couples therapy, and 5% said they received marriage counseling.

Best for Married Couples : Couples Therapy Inc

  • Price: Weekend retreats starting at $3,500; 80-minute sessions at $150-275
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy
Why We Chose It 

Couples Therapy Inc. has an unusual, but highly effective method of counseling couples. All therapists are trained in The Gottman Method, one of the most well-researched relationship therapy techniques available.

Pros & Cons
  • Uses evidence-based therapeutic approach

  • Offers in-person retreats

  • High user satisfaction indicates it is effective

  • Too expensive for many

  • Intensive format isn’t for everyone

  • Website is confusing


Couples Therapy Inc. is unique in the world of relationship counseling. It focuses on getting results quickly through a concentrated format—couples can choose between a weekend intensive or therapy over three months via live video (stand-alone coaching sessions are available after either one). It also uses the highly regarded Gottman Method, which was created based on decades of research.

A weekend or even three months can seem like an impossible time frame in which to make lasting progress in a relationship, yet our user survey results indicate it works. The website cautions, however, that you must be fully committed to the therapy process. That, plus the hefty price tag, means that Couples Therapy Inc. is best suited for partners who are willing to go all in for their relationship, such as married couples. It’s not ideal for those newly dating.

Here’s how couple’s counseling pricing breaks down: 

  • Couples counseling (concentrated weekend or three-month format) is $3,500–$6,500 
  • Stand-alone sessions are $150–$275
User Satisfaction

Couples Therapy Inc. has a unique treatment style that seems to be working: 

  • 90% of the users we surveyed rated their experience positively overall, well above the 84% average across all 55 companies we reviewed
  • 82% said their provider met all or most of their needs, compared to a 77% average
  • 83% said they’d recommend it to a friend, compared to a 71% average.

Best for Engaged Couples : E-Therapy Cafe

  • Price: $196-360 per month; $55 a session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

E-Therapy Cafe features experienced counselors with expertise in a range of relationship issues. It also offers bridal coaching to help patients navigate anxiety, overwhelm, and conflict that can arise during the often stressful wedding planning process.

Pros & Cons
  • Offers bridal and wedding counseling

  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go plans

  • Experienced, passionate therapists

  • Sessions are short

  • Limited number of clinicians

  • No free trial


E-Therapy Cafe is an excellent choice for engaged couples who may be short on time and funds. It features experienced, multi-faceted therapists who can treat relationship issues alongside other specialties like self-esteem and confidence. Sessions are short, but affordable at $55 or less per session and include the option for chat, live video, or journal. You can buy one session at a time if you want to, making it a flexible option for those not ready to comit to regular therapy sessions..

It's a particularly good choice for engaged couples because it offers bridal coaching and wedding counseling. This option can supplement more traditional therapy and may focus on both practicalities (how to manage guest lists, for example) alongside emotional issues. The process of wedding planning can stir up stress and family conflict, so having a qualified counselor can help couples start their lives together on the best possible foot.

Trial sessions are $50. From then on, you can expect to pay the following:

  • E-Therapy Shot: $55 per session (instant chat, live video, or virtual journal)
  • E-Therapy Four: $49 per session for four sessions (instant chat, live video, or virtual journal)
  • E-Therapy Flight: $45 per session for eight sessions (instant chat, live video, or virtual journal)

Chat and video sessions are 30 minutes long. An e-journal entry is 700 words (you’ll get a detailed response from your therapist.)

User Satisfaction

E-Therapy Cafe has one of our highest overall user satisfaction scores:

  • 94% rating it positively, compared to an 84% average across all 55 companies we reviewed
  • 90% rated their therapist’s qualifications positively, compared to an 84% average 
  • 82% would recommend it to a friend, compared to a 71% average

Best for LGBTQIA+ Couples : Inclusive Therapists

  • Price: Varies by provider
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

Inclusive Therapists is a directory of culturally affirming clinicians who are committed to providing a safe space for clients. Couples from the LGBTQIA+ community can count on the fact that their provider values inclusivity and will be sensitive and affirming of their relationship.

Pros & Cons
  • Extensive search filters

  • Large pool of therapists to choose from

  • Clear commitment to inclusivity

  • Fees vary by therapist

  • Site search function is a little glitchy

  • Not designed specifically for LGBTQIA+ community


Inclusive Therapists strives to provide a safe, culturally affirming space for marginalized people of all kinds, including those from the LGBTQIA+ community. An affirming space is essential for this community, considering that discrimination by healthcare providers of all kinds has been shown to disrupt treatment. For example, Mental Health America reports that 22% of trans people have avoided healthcare because they were afraid of being discriminated against.

Inclusive Therapists is a directory, which means there’s a little more work involved with finding the right fit. Yet this also means many more options of practitioners from across the country. Therapy-seekers can search by therapist identity, specialty, and focus, and can choose from options like sexuality and transgender identity. 

Since Inclusive Therapists is a directory,  pricing will vary based on providers.

User Satisfaction

While inclusive therapists wasn’t our highest scoring directory, users were largely satisfied: 

  • Eighty-nine percent rated it positively overall, which is exactly average compared to all 25 directories we reviewed. 
  • The lower user satisfaction score could be due in part to the site itself—4% of users found it difficult to use, compared to a 2% average.
  • Sixty eight percent of users said their therapist met most or all of their needs.

Best for BIPOC Couples : Zencare

Why We Chose It 

Zencare offers an extensive network of diverse practitioners with whom BIPOC therapy-seekers can connect. Plus, it lists therapy groups in addition to therapists, which can be helpful for people seeking extra support around relationship challenges.

Pros & Cons
  • Large pool of diverse practitioners

  • Website is easy to use

  • Lists therapy groups

  • Not specifically designed for BIPOC couples

  • Costs will vary widely based on provider

  • Group therapy is expensive


Zencare is a solid directory for BIPOC couples seeking culturally affirming therapy from providers who understand them and may share their background. It contains diverse practitioners from various national, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds across the country. Since it is a directory, and not a therapy company, therapy-seekers will need to do a little more work to find a clinician. But Zencare boasts one of the most streamlined, easy-to-use websites we’ve seen.

Zencare doesn’t limit itself to just listing therapists—it's also a directory for finding therapy groups. While that may not always be appropriate for couples, individuals who have personal issues that interfere with relationships can get additional help. For example, participants in a Relationships and Attachment group can learn about setting boundaries, while those in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy group can learn to manage emotional outbursts and impulsive communication. That said, group therapy prices tend to run pretty high, often at around $100 per session.

Since Zencare is a directory, prices will vary by provider, but average cost for group therapy is around $100 a session.

User Satisfaction

Zencare has solid user satisfaction rating that indicates people are happy with its services:

  • 84% said they would start their search for a therapist again at Zencare, compared to an 80% average
  • 85% rated the number of providers licensed to practice in their state as very good or good, compared to an 82% average
  • 82% would recommend it to a friend, compared to an 80% average

Best Poly-Affirming : Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy Online Therapy

  • Price: $60-$200 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy is welcoming to poly communities, in addition to being trauma-informed, feminist-informed, sex-positive, and culturally affirming. Clinicians are familiar with and can treat issues specific to poly relationships/polycules.

Pros & Cons
  • Welcoming to the poly community

  • Therapists treat issues specific to poly relationships

  • Culturally inclusive

  • Too expensive for many people

  • Limited practitioners

  • Limited locations


Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy’s ability to address issues unique to polyamorous relationships serves an important need. Ethical non-monogamy comes with its own set of challenges that are unlikely to be effectively addressed through traditional couples therapy alone. Plus, not all therapists will have a non-judgmental attitude towards polyamory and may even pathologize it rather than see it as an empowering life choice.

According to the website, therapists at Aguirre can help with issues specific to non-monogamous relationships, such as deciding between types of ethical non-monogamy, helping partners negotiate agreements and boundaries, identifying power dynamics in polycules (people in a polyamorous relationship), and creating a set of coping skills to use when triggered. Having an ally in navigating these sometimes complex relationships can make all the difference.

Aguirre’s prices are a little steep, and its practioners don’t take insurance. That said, some therapists do offer sliding scale fees.

  • Assessment session costs $200–$250, then $125–$200 per session. 
  • Couples therapy costs $150–$215 
  • Group therapy costs $65
User Satisfaction

Aguirre did okay in terms of user satisfaction.

  • 72% of users ratied it positively, so it’s a bit below average. 
  • When asked what users wished it did better, 28% listed they wished it had therapists with a similar background
  • 19% said they wished it had more therapists that accept insurance so this could explain the slightly lower rating. 

Aguirre might not be for everyone, but it's one of the few services specializing in non-monogamy.

Best for Sex Therapy : Growing Self

  • Price: $125 to $150 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

Growing Self features certified sex therapists who can help with everything from mismatched libidos to arousal difficulties and anxiety-related sexual dysfunction.

Pros & Cons
  • Features certified sex therapists

  • High-quality care

  • Is primarily focused on relationships

  • Expensive compared to competitors

  • No messaging options

  • No subscription option


One of the most important factors in a healthy relationship is a healthy sex life, but not all therapists are qualified to provide sex therapy. Growing Self is a relationship-focused therapy platform that offers a variety of relationship counseling services, including sex therapy with counselors certified by The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) or who have received other specialized training.

This is essential since sex is a touchy topic that needs to be handled with care. The more experienced and passionate a therapist is about the topic, the better. Growing Self offers exactly that, plus educational resources like "A Lifetime of Love" Premarital Course and free articles on topics like "How Men Feel Loved."  Couples who need help with their sex lives alongside other issues may find Growing Self particularly appealing.

Therapy sessions cost $125–$150, are 45 minutes long, and held over live video. Growing Self doesn’t accept insurance.

User Satisfaction

Our surveyed users were largely satisfied with Growing Self: 

  • 90% rated it positively overall, compared to an 84% average across all 55 companies we reviewed, 
  • 89% rated therapist qualifications positively, compared to an 84% average.
  • However, only 62% would choose to start their search again at the company, compared to a 59% average. 

Best for Parenting : Amwell

  • Price: $109 to $279
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

Amwell has a pay-as-you-go system, accepts insurance, and offers kids and family therapy in addition to couples therapy. Parents whose kids would benefit from therapy can sign up on the same platform.

Pros & Cons
  • Has therapists who specialize in parenting issues

  • Accepts insurance

  • Pay-per-session

  • No messaging therapy

  • Unable to see therapist info until after sign-up

  • No free consult


Flexible, fast, and easy-to-schedule, Amwell is a great option for couples with kids. As it accepts insurance, it’s more likely to be cost-effective, especially if parents decide that teen counseling or family counseling is appropriate, though keep in mind insurance coverage for such services varies. The pay-as-you-go system is also a big benefit—being able to stop therapy when money is tight and resume when ready can be a lifesaver for families.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and can be scheduled on weekends, nights, and holidays if needed so you can schedule sessions after school and work when the whole family is available. All sessions are conducted over live video. Therapists can help with issues like parenting and family problems, infidelity, communication issues, and sexual issues. Kids, teens, and family therapy is also available, as are psychiatric services, which means more treatment options all in one platform.

Cost vary based on your therapist’s level of education:

  • Therapist with master’s degree: $109 per session
  • Therapist with Ph.D.: $129 per session
  • Initial psychiatric visit: $279 
  • Follow-up psychiatric sessions: $109 per session
User Satisfaction

Amwell gets good satisfaction scores all around: 

  • 88% rated it positively overall, compared to an 84% average
  • 70% would start their search at Amwell again if needed, compared to a 59% average
  • 88% rated it as better than services used in the past, compared to an 86% average

Compare the Best Online Couples Counseling of 2023

Best For
Is Insurance Accepted?
Does it Accept HSA/FSA?
Type Of Therapy
Communication Options
Reset All
ReGain Best Overall $240-$360+ per month No No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Wellnite Best for Budget $95 per month (charged bi-weekly) for medication management only; $450 per month for regular therapy sessions; $245 per month for medication management and 1-2 monthly therapy Yes No Individual Therapy, Medication Management Live Chat, Phone, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Calmerry Best for Considering Divorce $167 for a monthly subscription (Messaging only); $207 for a monthly subscription (Messaging plus one video chat per month); $269 for a monthly subscription (Messaging plus four video chats per month) No. Can provide superbill for reimbursement No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Audio, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Couples Therapy Inc Best for Married Couples Weekend retreats starting at $3,500; 80-minute sessions at $150-275 No No Couples Therapy Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
E-Therapy Cafe Best for Engaged Couples $196-360 per month; $55 a session No No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Inclusive Therapists Best for LGBTQIA+ Couples Varies by provider Yes No Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy N/A Learn More
Hide, not for me
Zencare Best for BIPOC Couples N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Sign Up Now
Hide, not for me
Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy Online Therapy Best Poly-Affirming $60-$200 per session No Yes Individual Therapy Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Growing Self Best for Sex Therapy $125 to $150 per session No No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Video Chat Learn More
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Amwell Best for Parenting $109 to $279 Yes Yes Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Video Chat Learn More
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Final Verdict

ReGain is the best couples online couples counseling service because it’s one of the few that focuses exclusively on relationships. This can significantly streamline and speed up the process of finding an effective couples therapist you can connect with. Couples can pick from over 12,000 therapists, all of whom can provide relationship counseling on a variety of issues. Although you can’t pick your therapist, it’s easy to switch if you’re not happy with them.

Couples who are comfortable making a big financial, time, and energy investment might also consider Couples Therapy Inc. It’s best suited to married or long-term partners as it requires a weekend retreat or three-month format. Either way, couples are expected to commit most of their attention to the therapy process. Practitioners at Couples Therapy Inc. are trained in the highly effective Gottman Method, and user satisfaction indicates it works.

Guide to Choosing the Best Online Couples Counseling

What Is Online Couples Counseling? 

Online couples counseling (also sometimes called online marriage counseling) addresses various relationship issues and may involve one or both partners attending sessions. Its goal is to examine and resolve issues like mismatched communication, infidelity, and repetitive conflict. It’s appropriate for any couple that wants to improve their relationship, whether they’re dating, married, or long-term partners. Individuals may also go to couples therapy to work on a relationship even if their partner can’t or won’t come. Or, they may seek out therapy to help them resolve unhealthy repetitive patterns or decide whether or not to stay in a relationship.

Couples therapists vary widely in their background, specialty, and focus. Some may address issues specific to LGBTQIA+ couples, while others might excel at sex therapy or counseling non-monogamous couples. It’s important that you find a counselor who understands and accepts your relationship preferences and is affirming of your identity. Other issues to consider include your preferred therapy platforms (such as video or messaging), what issues you’re working on, and cost, since insurance is less likely to cover couples therapy than other forms of therapy.

Is Online Couples Counseling Worth It? 

Couples counseling costs both money and time, but it can help you resolve negative patterns that undermine your well-being and your relationship. Research has shown that Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a long-lasting an effective form of treatment for relationship issues.  To assess if it’s worth it for you, consider the following questions:

  • Do you feel like arguments with your partner repeat themselves with no real resolution?
  • Do you feel excessively mistrustful of your partner, or vice versa?
  • Do you and your partner frequently miscommunicate or misunderstand each other?
  • Are you unhappy with the level of intimacy you have with your partner?
  • Has your relationship survived an affair or other breach of trust?
  • Has your relationship changed in a negative way since having kids?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost the romantic or sexual connection with your partner?
  • Are you considering leaving your partner?

Compare Online Couples Counseling 

When vetting services, you’ll want to consider a number of important factors:

  • Therapist Specialty: It’s important that you find a therapist who specializes in your area of concern. One therapist may specialize in parenting conflicts, another in sexuality, and another in LGBTQIA+ relationships. 
  • Cost and Budget: Couples therapy fees vary widely depending on provider. First, check with your insurance to see if couples counseling is covered. If it isn’t, keep in mind that therapy can often go on for longer than expected, so find a counselor who you can afford long-term.
  • Financial Assistance: Look into all options that may help cover costs, including Employee Assistance Program (EAP) options, flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) card payment options, sliding scale fees, and services that allow you to apply for financial aid or arrange financing. 
  • Scheduling: Find a therapist who you can easily fit into your and your partner’s schedules. You might look for availability on evenings and weekends or seek out plans with unlimited messaging between sessions.
  • Location: Some therapists can only practice legally in certain states, so be sure to check the state licensure for any therapists that you’re interested in.
  • Ease of Switching: It’s important that you can switch counselors easily and quickly if you’re unhappy with them. If a service offers a free consultation or reduced fees for the first month, that’s also a great option when trying a new counselor out.

What Kind of Therapist Is Best for Couples Counseling?

What’s best for one couple may not be for another. While all practitioners may be licensed therapists, they’ll likely have different backgrounds, identities, specialties, and preferences for whom they work with. For example, an LGBTQIA+ therapist will likely understand an LGBTQIA+ couple’s experience and needs more easily.

Providers also have different treatment approaches, such as using the Gottman Method or trauma-focused therapy. Each style differs in its approach to relationship challenges. You can always research or ask your therapist about the method they use and its benefits.

Beyond specialties and experience, couples can assess the right fit based simply on connection. If you don’t feel comfortable or supported in the therapeutic relationship, it may be time to move on. Research ahead of time can only get you so far. That’s why finding a service that makes switching therapists easy is key. No matter who you choose, though, it’s important that you feel safe and comfortable talking about your most intimate issues without fear of being misunderstood or misjudged. Finding a therapist who lists your issues as a specialty or who has a shared identity with you or who explicitly states they are identity-affirming is one way of ensuring that safety

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Online Couples Counseling Cost?

Counseling costs differ for a number of reasons. In some cases, a therapist with extensive credentials and more years of experience will charge more than a therapist with a Master’s degree or limited experience. Location is also important, with major cities being more expensive than rural or suburban areas. It’s also up to the therapists themselves.

In-office sessions may range from $100 to $225 per hour. Online therapy ranges anywhere from $240 per month to $400 per month for subscription-based services. When paying per-session, live video or audio therapy sessions may cost $40 for 30 minutes or up to $195 per hour.

Is Online Couples Counseling Right for My Partner and Me?

If you have long-standing, unresolved issues in your relationship, online couples counseling can help. Having sessions from a distance has also made therapy more accessible to couples who might otherwise have struggled to make time for it. Couples counseling generally requires a commitment from both partners. Both of you need to be on board with discussing sensitive issues with a clinician, working on the relationship outside of therapy, and committed to being consistent.

Is It Better to Attend Online Marriage Counseling as a Couple or Solo?

It’s a good idea to consult a therapist about whether or not marriage counseling is best attended alone or as a couple. In general, couples’ sessions work best when both people are equally willing to put in the effort. However, you can still get relationship counseling if your partner is resistant to it. Solo counseling can help you identify relationship patterns that might stem from childhood issues or help you assess whether or not to stay in a relationship.

What Can I Do to Work on My Relationship Outside of Couples Therapy?

Education and awareness can help enhance the healing process outside of therapy. You can read books, attend workshops, or find group therapy to help you understand relationship patterns more clearly. Therapists may also assign homework for you and your partner to do on your own time. This could include having specific conversations, doing activities together, or agreeing to change dynamics, like re-dividing common responsibilities.


Our methodology for evaluating online therapy companies is comprehensive and data-driven. To fairly and accurately review the best online therapy programs, we sent questionnaires to 55 companies and surveyed 105 current users of each. This allowed us to directly compare services offered by gathering qualitative and quantitative data about each company and its users’ experiences.

Specifically, we evaluated each company on website usability, sign-up process, subscription offerings, client privacy protections, and how easy it is to change therapists. We then looked at therapist qualifications, the types of therapy offered quality of care, client-therapist communication options, session length, medication management practices, and the therapist assignment process. Finally, we looked at cost, value for money, whether the company takes insurance, overall user satisfaction, and the likelihood clients would recommend them. Read our full online therapy methodology to see how we evaluated each service.

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