O+12 Method for Having a Girl

How to Have a Girl with O+12

Pregnant woman folding future daughter's clothing.
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O+12 is a sex selection method that is meant to be used only to conceive a girl. This is a non-medical form of sex selection based on a New Zealand study on the timing of sex in regards to ovulation by a mother who had six sons after doing the Shettles Method of Sex Selection. She really wanted a daughter.

There are four basic provisions of the O+12 Method:

  • Abstain from ejaculation prior to sex to conceive
  • Have sex once, twelve hours after ovulation
  • No unprotected sex until you are no longer fertile

A non-scientific study done by the creator found that out of 41 attempts, found that there was a 90% success rate for conceiving a girl. Online surveys do not back up the 90% success rate, though obviously there are successes.

If you are really interested in trying to have a girl and you do not want to do medical methods of gender selection, you might also try other methods that go along with the O+12 method. Examples might be diet, lifestyle and vitamins.

One issue might be the timing of sex. Once ovulation has passed, the risk of not conceiving at all is greater. If you find that you are having trouble conceiving while using this method, you may want to reconsider what you are doing and seek the advice of a fertility specialist.

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