The Best Newborn Baby Toys

Whatever the occasion, be it Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday or any other holiday or special event, it can be hard to decide what to get for the newborn in your life.

Newborns don't do a whole lot yet and besides diapers and a coupon for a nap time for weary parents, there's not a lot that springs to mind when you think newborn life. Newborn development is actually pretty limited, therefore the toy has to be limited. It's not like a baby can sit in your lap and gleefully tell you their heart's desire, right?

But still, you might want to get the newest newborn in your life a special gift, so you can check out these gift guides for 3 to 6 Months, 6 to 9 Months and 9 to 12 months. Or, to get you started if you need a little help, these five great toys that are perfect for newborn babies might be just what you're looking for.


Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Gift Set

Baby Toys
Baby Toys and Rattles. Price Grabber

Foot finders and wrist rattles are the perfect gifts for newborns. As the baby grows, the booties and wrist rattles help them interact with the world.

This set is made out of soft fabrics in bright colors that will help baby's eyesight and tracking abilities develop while keeping them entertained. 

Made of soft fabrics in bright colors, these toys may develop his eyesight and tracking abilities as well as keep him entertained. Lamaze Gardenbugs come in several styles to choose from.


Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Mat

Baby Toys
Great Baby Toys: Baby Blankie. Price Grabber

This adorable blanky is made by Wimmer-Ferguson, the original innovators of black and white developmental toys.

This play mat has bold, vibrant colors that will attract baby's attention, and the soft fabric makes it the perfect surface to play, stretch out and relax upon. Aside from the bold designs, it also has sensory-building crinkle paper, BPA-free teethers and rattles, and a removable mirror.

Like all tummy time toys, it will help further baby's development. This activity mat is appropriate for babies from birth on up. It's the kind of thing that's sure to be used again and again.


Tiny Love Classic Developmental Mobile

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Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile. Price Grabber

This Tiny Love mobile isn't your everyday mobile. It has 20 minutes of continuous tranquil music and has a cylinder with fun characters. The mobile converts to crib side music and a nightlight, and it also has black and white designs to stimulate baby's visual development.

Before installing any baby mobile to the crib, be sure to follow these baby mobile safety guidelines.


Rich Frog Wacky Wash Mitt & Bath Sponge

Rich Frog Bath Sponges
Rich Frog Bath Sponges. Price Grabber

Babies seem to either love or hate bath time. In either case, a great addition to baby's bath time routine in this Rich Frog set. Use the wash mitt to wash baby and the little frog to entertain. The mitt and sponge are made of soft mesh and are quick drying. 

It may just be what you need to keep baby happy as they're washed head to toe or turn a wet pout into a wide grin.


HABA Pacifier Chain

HABA Ship Ahoy Pacifier Chain
HABA Ship Ahoy pacifier chain. HABA USA

Having trouble keeping track of your baby's pacifier? You certainly wouldn't be the first. If you're constantly misplacing pacifiers, then you and your baby need one of these HABA pacifier chains.

These chains, made of cloth and wood, have insanely cute details and are such a great way to keep baby's pacifier in place.

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