Names for Baby Boys Ending in "A"

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When you look at the popularity of names ending in the sound or letter "A" it's obviously a much more popular option for girls than for boys. Names like Sophia, Emma, and Olivia have topped the most popular girls' names lists for most of the past decade. In the past few years that names like Noah and Elijah have climbed up the list of popular boys' names.

Religious Origins

Many boys' names ending in an "A" or "ah" have religious roots, including the most popular on the list, Noah. Noah is Hebrew in origin, derived from the name Noe or Noach, which means " rest" or "comfort." One of the best-known stories from the Old Testament is the story of Noah and the Ark. According to the Bible story, Noah built an ark under God's command, in preparation for a Great Flood. He and his family were spared from the flood and brought two of each animal on board to repopulate the Earth.

According to the Social Security Administration, in 2014, Noah was the most popular boys' name of the year for the first time.

There is also a tradition in Islam of naming baby boys in a way to honor Allah (God) and the prophets of that religion. This has made Abdullah—literally meaning "in service to Allah"—one of the most popular boys' names around the world.

Whether you are considering a name that ends in "a" ending simply because you like the sound, for religious reasons, or because you are trying to pair it with a similar sibling name, here's a list of ideas for boys to get you started.

Names Ending in "A"

  • Aditya: A Hindu name meaning "belonging to Aditi," a Hindu god.
  • Akira: A Japanese name meaning "bright" or "clear."
  • Alyosha: A Russian name and a diminutive (pet name) of Aleskey.
  • Arizona: A popular name inspired by the U.S. state.
  • Asa: A Hebrew name, possibly meaning "healer."
  • Asita: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning "tranquil," "dark," "blue," or "warm." 
  • Azaria: A Biblical name and variant of Azariah.
  • Coda: A popular variant of Koda.
  • Cuba: Though it is also the name of a country, it can be traced to Roman mythology. Cuba was the goddess of children. In this sense, it is feminine, but Cuba Gooding Jr. proves that it is also a masculine name.
  • Dakota: Both feminine and masculine, it means "allies" or "friends in the Native American Dakota language.
  • Dana: The masculine form comes from Persian and Arabic origins meaning "wise."
  • Donnacha: An Irish name and a form of Donncha or Donnchadh, both Gaelic forms of Duncan.
  • Elisha: A Hebrew name meaning "God is salvation."
  • Enda: An Irish name that is an anglicized form of Enna, meaning "bird-like."
  • Ezra: A popular Hebrew name meaning "help."
  • Fiachra: An Irish name derived from the Gaelic for "raven" (fiach).
  • Garcia: Both Spanish and Portuguese forms of Garsea. It is also a popular surname.
  • Hamza: An Arabic name that may be a derivation of "strong" or "steadfast."
  • Hosea: A Biblical Hebrew name that is a variant of Hoshea.
  • Ilya: A Russian name that is a variant of Elijah.
  • Indra: A Hindu name derived from Sanskrit that means "possessing drops of rain."
  • Indiana: A popular name for both boys and girls, the name of the U.S. state means "land of Indians." 
  • Ira: A popular Hebrew name meaning "watchful."
  • Joshua: In Hebrew, it means "Yahweh is salvation" with Yahweh being the Hebrew God.
  • Koa: A Hawaiian name meaning "warrior." There is also a tree called the koa tree.
  • Koda: A Lakota Sioux name meaning "friend" or "friendly."​
  • Luca, Luka: Luca is an Italian and Romanian form of Luke. Luka has origins in other Slovak countries.
  • Misha, Mischa: A Russian name that is a diminutive of Mikhail, a form of Michael.
  • Musa: An Arabic form of Moses with Turkish and Persian origins.
  • Mustafa: An Arabic name meaning "the chosen one."
  • Nicola: An Italian form of Nicholas, which is Greek for "victory of the people."
  • Nikita: A Russian form of Niketas, which is Greek for "winner." In Ukraine and Belarus, it is a modern form of Mykyta and Mikita.
  • Oshea: A Biblical name that is a variation of Hoshea.
  • Pasha: A Russian name that is a diminutive of Pavel, a form of Paul, which comes from the Latin for "humble."
  • Sasha, Sascha: A popular Russian name and diminutive of Aleksandr or Alexander.
  • Seneca: An Ancient Roman name derived from the Latin senectus, meaning "old."
  • Sequoia: Used for both boys and girls, this name was inspired by the giant trees of California. 
  • Tuvya, Tovia: Forms of Tobiah.
  • Vanya: A Russian diminutive of Ivan, a traditional Slavik name that has ties to the name John.

Names Ending in "Ah"

  • Abdullah: A popular Arabic name meaning "in service to Allah."
  • Alijah: An African American variation of Elijah.
  • Azariah: A Hebrew Biblical name meaning "Yahweh has helped."
  • Elijah: A Hebrew name meaning "my God is Yahweh."
  • Hezekiah: A Biblical Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh strengthens."
  • Isaiah, Izaiah, Isiah, Izayah: All variations of Isaiah, a Hebrew name that means "Yahweh is salvation."
  • Jarrah: Following the trend of naming babies after trees, Jarrah is a species of the eucalyptus tree, native to Australia.
  • Jasiah: An American variation of Josiah.
  • Jedidiah: A Hebrew name meaning "beloved of Yahweh."
  • Jeremiah, Jerimiah, Jeramiah: The Hebrew name Jeremiah means "Yahweh has uplifted." 
  • Jonah: From the Hebrew meaning "dove."
  • Josiah, Joziah: A Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh supports."
  • Judah: This name may be from the Hebrew word for "praise."
  • Messiah: This name has become popular among African Americans and has some use in Nigeria as well. The word "messiah" comes from the Hebrew Mashiach, which means "anointed."
  • Micah, Micaiah: Micaiah is a Hebrew name meaning "who is like Yahweh."
  • Nehemiah: A Hebrew name that means "comforted by Yahweh." 
  • Noah: A very popular name, it is derived from the Hebrew Noach, which means "rest" or "comfort."
  • Obadiah: A Biblical Hebrew name that means "servant of Yahweh."
  • Tobiah: A Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh is good."
  • Uriah: A Hebrew name that means "Yahweh is my light."
  • Yehudah, Yehuda: A Biblical Hebrew variation of Judah.
  • Zechariah, Zachariah: A Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh remembers." Variations include the Greek Zacharias and English Zachary.
  • Zedekiah: A Biblical name from the Hebrew meaning "justice of Yahweh."

A Word From Verywell

While you may not have thought of many "a" or "ah" names for boys on your own, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you're looking for an old-fashioned name or a modern one, your baby boy is sure to enjoy knowing the origin of whatever name you give him.

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