The 9 Best Musical Toys for Children of All Ages of 2021

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Encouraging a love of music in your child is one of the best things you can do for him. It doesn't matter that you aren't musical; you can still expose your child to music and musical instruments.

It's never too early to expose your child to music, either! Give your child a chance to explore the world of music and music making.

Our Top Picks

Mozart Magic Music Cube

This is quite a clever toy that's perfect for introducing music to toddlers. While the sounds won't be mistaken for a real orchestra, the Music Cube will help young children learn the sounds of music and enable them to recognize five different instruments (harp, French horn, piano, flute, and violin).

Toddlers can also "compose" and arrange some masterpieces by combining the sounds any way they want. They can start a piece with a flute and then add a violin and piano. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination!

Tub Water Flutes

These water "flutes" will make bath time fun and educational. The five flutes are filled with different amounts of water to create different tones.

They come with waterproof song sheets, but kids don't have to be confined to playing just those songs! They can create their own musical masterpieces.

Quercetti Super Saxoflute

The Super Saxoflute is quite a unique musical toy. It consists of 24 pieces that kids ages 5 and up can put together to create their own instruments!

The unbreakable plastic pieces include two mouthpieces, two trumpet ends, and twenty twisting tubes. Kids can learn about the different sounds that are created with different mouthpieces, ends, and combinations of tubes.

How about a long tube? A short curving tube? Each configuration will create a different sound. How cool is that!

Chimalong Mini

Percussion instruments are a great way to get kids started learning about music. After all, what toddler doesn't like to bang on pots and pans?

The Chimalong is similar to a xylophone but uses colorful metal tubes instead of metal strips.

The Chimalong encourages creativity and will sharpen sensory skills. It also comes with a spiral songbook.

The Chimalong Mini is for toddlers, but there is also a Chimalong Junior and an Extended Range Chimalong for older kids.

Musical Activity Table

The versatile Musical Activity Table from Imaginarium is a fun way for kids to learn rhythm and melody. The table includes a drum which kids can pat, a shaker and a tumbler the kids can make musical noise with, and a guiro (a Latin percussion instrument) the kids can tap.

While the musical table is great fun, it can also help the kids develop their motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination.

There's no need to worry about it taking up too much room either. The table legs can be detached to make the table easy to store.

Schoenhut 6 String Child Guitar

If you want to introduce your young child to guitar playing, this 30-inch child guitar is a good start. Regular guitars are too big for kids and a bit expensive for preschoolers.

While many children's guitars don't have the same sound like "real" guitars and don't seem to stay in tune very well, this one is better than average on both counts.

It is more than good enough for learning about the guitar and even for beginning guitar lessons. It comes with a carrying case, extra strings, pick and tuning pegs.

First Note FN600 Firstnote Melody Harp

The First Note Melody Harp has to be one of the easiest instruments to learn to play. Melody harps are also called lap harps because they are instruments that are similar to little harps that lie flat on your lap while you play.

It is made out of wood and comes with 12 music sheets that fit under the strings to help beginners learn songs right out of the box! The strings can be strummed as well as plucked to make beautiful music.

The melody harp is great for kids ages 3 and up—it's suitable for teens and adults, too.

Zither Heaven 22 String Cherry Bowed Psaltery

The psaltery is an ancient instrument dating back to at least 2800 BC! It belongs to the harp family of instruments and can be plucked like a harp, but most often played with a bow like a violin It even sounds like a violin, although it looks more like a zither, another member of this instrument family.

It's much less expensive than a violin, though, and while it is quite suitable for children as young as 6 (or maybe even a little younger), it is not a toy. It is played by teens and adults as well!

You can see Gene Jaeger demonstrate this instrument and watch how easy it is to learn to play it, and sound great immediately!

Schoenhut Melodica

Melodicas are quite interesting instruments. They are also known as wind pianos because they have a keyboard like a piano, but are blown into like a clarinet. 

Although it has a keyboard like a piano, melodicas sound more like a harmonica.

This model has a 37-key, 3-octave keyboard with a tonal range of F through F. Kids can learn harmony, chord formation, and music theory with this simple instrument.

If you think melodicas are just toys, though, think again! Casey Abrams, one of the 10 finalists on Season 10 of American Idol, played the instrument. He entertained the judges (and fellow contestants) with not just his singing, but his melodica as well!

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